If Brexit means Brexit….Indy means Indy

When asked continuously what brexit means, we are told repeatedly from Theresa May and her Tory Westminster government that Brexit means Brexit. We are told that it will be a Red White and Blue Brexit whatever that is supposed to mean?
When we ask what kind of brexit it is? Is it a hard Brexit, or a Soft Brexit? We are given no answer whatsoever. It all boils down to Brexit means Brexit, and it is none of our business what their plans are for leaving the European Union.
By all indications the intentions appear to be that they are heading for a hard Brexit, where the UK leaves the Single market, but hopes to retain favourable trading links.
We cannot be sure what their real intentions are, any more than what they appear to know themselves, as there does not appear to be any visible plan whatsoever.

We are told that they wish to keep the border open between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit, yet we are told that should Scotland become Independent then there will have to be a hard border between Scotland and England. That just simply does not equate!
We know that the Torys want to get rid of the European convention on Human Rights on Brexit. We know that they want to severely restrict access and Immigration to the Uk. We know that they are threatening people who have spent most of their lives her with deportation.
We know that they simply don’t want to tell us anything about their plans, and that they do not want us to look too closely or have a say in what they are doing. They ant no discussion whatsoever. Hence why they went to appeal at the Supreme Court.

What we also know is that they are full of hot air.
If Brexit means Brexit, and lets not discuss it.. Guess what..Indy means Indy and we shall have it.
The British Exit will mean the Scottish Exit. So the equation changes from Brexit means Brexit, to Brexit means Sexit!  No need for any discussion is there?


A personal perspective on Scottish Independence..The Gripes and Moans


Well here we go again, once more into the breach again as it were. A new year, a new day, and the ongoing struggle to achieve Independence for Scotland.
It seems a long time from 2012 when It all began in earnest. It has been a long haul which despite the disappointment of the 19th of September 2014, and the feeling of despondency having seen the result of the previous day, still allowed for the satisfaction of how hard the Yes campaign had fought,and the camaraderie it had built among fellow Independence supporters.
For a while I allowed for the depression at the triumphalism of our negative opponents to sink in….around 2hours. Then with gusto, I threw myself back into the fray. We have not won, but we had come dam close! It was a battle lost, but the desire had not lessened, instead it had merely increased. We could still do this, we just had to try harder and next time..we would win!

I took time out from writing my old blog ” Auld Acquaintance” and spent a few months simply recharging my batteries. Before that however…I had set up a new Facebook group on the 19th of September, “Yes Alliance” and I had still my twitter account “Aye4Scotland” to look after and see that they were left in good hands while I took a break.

Very quickly the Vow and promises of the Better Together campaign and the Unionist politicians showed up what we already knew them to be…Worthless.
Scots Independence however was not about to be put back in its box, the people of Scotland saw to that very quickly. We were not about to give up on what we had achieved, and far from being dead,the calls for Scots Independence grew stronger and louder, we were no spent force, we were not defeated nor discouraged, we were stronger and more determined than ever.

The SNP were elected in their droves to Westminster and the supposed victors of Better Together, the Torys, Labour and the LibDems were almost entirely annihilated, no more would they pretend to speak for us.

What we could not have expected on that bleak day In September 2014, was that Independence would be so quickly back on the agenda. Many of us had believed it would realistically take another generation before we got the opportunity again. What we could not have anticipated at that time was the spectacular idiocy of a Cameron Tory government actually pushing for a vote on our membership of the EU. Nor could we have anticipated that having called one, English right wing xenophobia would take such a grip of our neighbours to actually result in a Brexit vote. Thus with Scots voting by a good majority of remaining, we were about to be removed from the EU against our collective will. It was the exact scenario where the threat of the Unionists had been that if we voted for Independence we would lose our membership of the EU and by only voting for the Union could we be guaranteed to remain in it. It was in effect a material breach.

So here we are again.. Independence once more in the offing. The starting gun has not yet been fired, but who can possibly doubt now that it will be fired. It is simply a matter of timing.
We know it, and our opponents know it. Thus why we who support Independence from whatever background, or for whatever reason are champing at the bit to bring it on, and those who oppose are so scared. For all their bombast, for all their bluster, for all their denial that we should even be considering it, they know only too well, that this time we will win! They do not like it one bit, but in their heart of hearts, they know that this time they will lose.
But do not be complacent, nor do not be mislead, if we had a hard fight last time round, we are in for a much tougher one this time. They too have learned their lessons, and they too are much more prepared for what is coming.
You can tell by the media onslaught of negativity towards Scotland and our society on a daily basis that they are more determined than ever to put and keep Scotland down.
Whether it be articles in the majority of English owned papers which pretend to be Scottish, or by the medium of the BBC and to a lesser extent STV, or the sudden surge in Social media groups who are funded by Tory money. They all hammer home negativity of Scotland, Scots, our society, our health, education, transport, and mostly the SNP and our government.
The attacks keep coming, they attack our NHS, but no mention or comparison with the dire state of the English NHS, they attack our transport particularly trains, but do not mention that the state of affairs are worse south of the border. They attack our educational failings knowing the mess that is being made in the English school system.
They call us and our political representatives by nasty names. We are Nazis and Cybernats, Nicola Sturgeon is Wee Nippy , Krankie, Mary Doll or the poisoned dwarf, so on and so forth.
The vitriol on comments pages are quite something to behold, yet we Independence supporters, not all of us angels by any means would get rightly taken to task for even a fraction of what they come out with.
It is what in psychology is  termed as projection. Projecting onto others what one is guilty of oneself. It is the classic profile of an Abuser. Put them down, keep them down, and make them believe that they are letting you down because they are deficient, and make them believe about themselves that they really are worthless without you.

Well we wont wear it anymore… the worm has turned, and they can’t put the cat back in its box. This time we are going to win.
We know our country is not perfect, how could it be when being controlled by another for over 300 years . We know the SNP are not perfect, but they are our instrument to make Independence happen. We know our government is not perfect, but we can improve it and shape it the way we want it once we have control of our own budget and economy and are not facing the billions removed from us through Westminster false austerity.

So they can bash on all they like, they can hammer on about the economy, our state of poverty which they falsely inflict on us, they can blame our NHS, our Education, our Transport, our Social Services when we are making do with their cutbacks which they impose on us. These are not cut backs our government wishes to make, but they are forced to make do with what they are given back. It is an extremely hard job to do. Imagine if your wage packet was cut every year, it eventually boils down to bare essentials. Worse is still to come if we are to let it, but we wont let it!
It is not about borders, it is not about currency, it is not about assets or debts.

It is about , and only about, Independence, freedom to make our own choices and not have the will of an other imposed on us. It is about pride and aspirations, and social justice. It is about fairness, and knowing that whatever successes or failures we have , we can only do better, because it is the will of our people, and we the people will take Scotland back to where it belongs. An Old Country renewed and taking its rightful place among the Worlds Nations… And we will hold out our hand in friendship to them.

We shall be Scotland once more…not a pretend region of a failed Empire.


A vow to record Sturgeon will ruffle a few feathers

As if 2016 didn’t bring up quite a few surprises, some of which will have a totemic impact not just on Scottish politics,but on British politics,European politics and World politics. It seems that 2017 is guaranteed to carry on in the same vein.
The shock announcement today that Nicola Sturgeon is to be the Daily Records new star columnist with a weekly column for the paper of the “VOW” can only serve but to ruffle quite a few feathers, not only on the Unionist side, but also certainly among some Independence supporters.

Here is the link to that news…

Nicola in record bid

Have a read at the Daily Record Facebook page on this story… The Unionists and the WATP mob have gone into melt down!!
The comments are full of outrage.

Can it be that this is a devious ploy by Nicola to close down the Record for their Vow? Surely not!

FEEL THE LOVE…Despicable Me and the Acolytes

Following on from yesterdays interview with Nicola Sturgeon on the BBC, there have been cries of outrage and what can only be described as loathing from our friends South of the Border and those who love their rocketing Star personae in the Tory party and their friends. Howling at the wind of change is awesome to behold.
Following on is a copy of what has been said in an ultra British facist newspaper which is not the Daily Mail, reproduced for you to read without having to feel as dirty as I do in giving them a click!
I am heading off for a long shower now, but I doubt that I can remove all the muck I have read.
WARNING: Those with a squeamish disposition read no further!

‘You have FAILED’ – Ruth Davidson rips into Nicola Sturgeon over Brexit demands

RUTH DAVIDSON launched a furious rebuttal to Nicola Sturgeon after she hinted she could take her demands for a second independence referendum off the table – if the UK opted for a ‘soft’ Brexit.

The First Minister said she would be as long as delivered a deal with Brussels which kept Scotland in the single market.

Mrs May has repeatedly quashed such demands as she has made clear regaining control of Britain’s borders and laws are central to her Brexit strategy and are unlikely to be achieved while remaining a member of the single market.

Ms Davidson, the leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, tore into Ms Sturgeon and accused her of being a failure and wasting six months moaning about leaving the .

She told the World at One on BBC Radio 4: “ has spent six months desperately trying to use as a way to boost support for independence and she has failed.

“Today was an acknowledgement of that – that if there was another independence referendum tomorrow she would lose again.

“What we need from our First Minister is a First Minister who acts not only as leader of the SNP but acts as a First Minister for the whole of Scotland.”

Ms Davidson, seen as a rising star of the Conservative Party, also accused her political rival of “taking her eye off the ball” and demanded she stop agitating for a breakaway from the UK.

While admitting she also favoured remaining in the single market – hence her support for Remain during last year’s referendum – Ms Davidson said she had moved on and was now focused on helping secure a good deal for all of Britain.

“You don’t get everything you were arguing for beforehand if you lose a vote,” Ms Davidson said.

Labour in Scotland also rounded on Ms Sturgeon after her attempt to blackmail Downing Street into a ‘soft’ Brexit.

Scottish Labour MSP Iain Gray said: “After reading the polls which show that Scots are opposed to her plan for a second independence referendum, Nicola Sturgeon could be forgiven for wanting to back away from another referendum.

“But the First Minister could clear up any doubt about her intentions by ruling out another referendum altogether. The vast majority of people in Scotland don’t want to go through another referendum.”

Speaking on Friday morning the First Minster said: “We want to try to work with others across the UK across the political spectrum to try to keep the UK in the single market.

“If that can’t be done, then we want to explore ways – and we’ve put forward how we think this can be done – of keeping Scotland in the single market while continuing to protect free trade across the rest of the UK and said very clearly, of course, that would require additional powers for the Scottish Parliament.”

Ms Sturgeon said she believed there was consensus building around some of those additional powers, including immigration.

She continued: “We’ve put forward very detailed plans about how we avoid a hard Brexit and the reason it’s important to avoid a hard Brexit, let’s not forget, is because that will have a devastating impact on our economy and on jobs.

“So, I’ve, in a sense, been willing and am willing to put aside my preferred option of independence in the EU to see if we can explore a consensus and compromise option.”

Following her comments to Radio Scotland, Ms Sturgeon tweeted it was a “reasonable assessment” that a second independence referendum currently appeared more likely than a soft Brexit, but said the Scottish Government proposals had been “put forward in good faith”, adding “Ball is in PM court”.

OK…..Have you survived to here? Well done!

Now don your crash helmets and feel the Love!

Here come the comments!

Ms Sturgeon, pack it all in and go back to the rubbish strewn streets of Glasgow from whence you are Leader of the Scottish Parliament, for the time being.   You have become one of the World’s top boring females, with no idea what the hard working people in Scotland really want; and have let them down.   Forget referendums , and a part in the EU., you have neither the brains or acumen for high politics.  Let the UK alone, for you are now heading for a very big fall  We need sensible people in charge, not types like you , so do something useful for a change, and get the heck out of everyone’s lives.

4 hours ago

Sturgeon can’t stop demanding a referendum.

She is a single issue politician.

And nothing else matters to her other than Scottish home rule.

The Scot’s keep voting for her and that tells the English something.

Either get rid of her and her mates.

Or have a referendum in England regarding Scottish home rule.

As far as many English are concerned they can go and be dammed to them.

And the sooner the better.

4 hours ago
Please Ronaldo, do not tar us all with the same brush, remember 55% of us voted to remain in the UK and 61% do not want a further divisive independence referendum. I can understand your feelings about this one trick pony of a polititian (using the word lightly as she is actually leader of a cult, not of a country), but you cannot imagine how we Scots who wish to remain united with UK feel, she is a severe itch in a location difficult to scratch, a total irritation which we must endure day and night on our Scottish tv screens. Also the majority of Scots did NOT vote for her party, she now leads a minority administration and is only pro

pped up by the head banging Scottish Greens, also supporting their “freeduuuuum”… a little sympathy please for the sensible majority!

7 hours ago
Ruth Davidson is way to clever for that mentally deficient low life Sturgeon.
8 hours ago
9 hours ago
Hard Brexit is the only way forward for the whole of the UK. Nobody with a grain of sense is listening to Krankie as she hasn’t got a clue, she knows she’s on a losing wicket

10 hours ago
Perhaps she is hoping England will put Pakistani style FREE money ATMs all over Scotland, using English foreign Aid, paid for by English Taxpayers.
10 hours ago
If we’re going to have a pantomime let’s at least have a decent one instead of Sturgeon cracking the same old gags and getting the same old groans from the audience. She’s like the spoiled brat who, when offered Christmas pudding or chocolate cake, wanted both. If she wants independence then what the UK negotiates is irrelevant. The one without a plan is Sturgeon.

10 hours ago
Failed insane woman.
10 hours ago
Ruth Davidson ripped into Leave voters during the referendum.

We remember the words and the bile.

If Brexit means Brexit, Hypocrite means Hypocrite, Blah means Blah, Yawn means Yawn.

10 hours ago
Nah, sod Kranky.

Call her bluff. Get a second Scottish referendum out of the way and then dump this divvy woman.

4 hours ago
Not in the least puzzling…she is a moron, should be put in a straightjacket in a locked padded cell

11 hours ago
I’m not even sure why MS Sturgeon thinks this is a viable ploy. She isn’t offering anything other than clearly saying that, if she gets her way now, she won’t ask for an independence referendum while Brexit negotiations are in progress. As soon as they are complete she will pursue her independence agenda.

Is that an offer Westminster can’t refuse ?
11 hours ago
resistance is futile
The Romans built Hadrian’s wall after seeing the crazy unreasonable barbarians to the north.

Even after 2000 years things seem much the same!

12 hours ago
It would have meant something if Ruth Davidson hadn’t admitted “she also favoured remaining in the single market”, which is still totally against what the People voted for.

Ruth – If we Remain in the EU Single Market, this is not Leaving the EU at all, it’s Remaining by the backdoor.
We want to be FREE TO TRADE WITH THE WORLD as we wish – this is FORBIDDEN if you Remain a member of the wretched rotten EU Single Market.
We also don’t want FMOP or to pay billions solely for the ‘privilege’ of selling to people who want to sell more to us anyway.
12 hours ago
I have a picture of Ruth holding wee Nics arm as she screams and wails attracting everyone’s attention in the supermarket while Ruth says no you cant have anymore sweeties you’ll make yourself sick.
12 hours ago
Grumpy tom
Give them a referendum. I’m sure the English & Welsh can live with their choice with little change in their lives – might be different in N Ireland but that’s inconsequential to most.
12 hours ago
Mat E Lowe
Sturgeon= stupid bint. Will she never switch on as to what 17.4 M voted for?
12 hours ago
Spokesman for Labour Iain Gray . Thats all you need to hear . A more useless politician or person you will never find , They are led by a les()bo woman who would love to go to bed with the Tory leader Ruth Davidson. What a disaster

12 hours ago
  Sturgeon thinks that blackmail will make us cave in – it won’t.   We voted for a hard Brexit and she knows it so we will settle for nothing less otherwise we might just as well have lost the vote.

  If she has her way we will be saddled with everything that we have now – which is the same as staying in this corrupt – illegal outfit.

12 hours ago
This years panto “Nippy and the Neverendum” same as last years panto. Just do it you cretin lets get it over with, you and the Scottish Nasty Party will not leave it alone until your nose is rubbed in the dirt.

12 hours ago
Ruth for FM.

Going against the Krankie twit must seem like shooting dead ducks in a barrel.
12 hours ago
Krankie has either failed to deliver or been made to look a fool at everything she has done or suggested since becoming the FM.  Now it’s milking the system for what it can get, it knows it’s finished come next election.

12 hours ago
Same old song. More powers for Nicola Sturgeon, oops sorry the Scottish “people”.( as long as England pays for it).

13 hours ago
Sturgeon makes headless chickens look sensible.

13 hours ago
Well done Ruth, never thought I’d say that about a Tory! This idiot of a woman has no idea what she’s doing anymore, demanding for a second referendum demanding for a soft Brexit, what’s next? Well as a proud Scot, a Brexiteer and someone who wants to stay in part of Great Britain , I demand she be sacked, not just from first minister but from public life. She will be part of a bad time in history and will be remembered for all the ranting and raving.

9 hours ago
Ruth Davidson has forgotten more than Nicola sturgeon knows,I would trust her more than kranky.
13 hours ago
No Soft Brexit!!! sod the Scots

11 hours ago
You mean Sturgeon and her SNP followers. She doesn’t speak for the majority of Scots.
13 hours ago
If she got control over immigration, Wee Krankie would probably tell all  the mi..vaders  to come to Scotland just like Merkel did in Germany, look where that went!
13 hours ago
Wise head on old shoulders
This is why we need a “Hard Brexit!” We can get rid of this mealy-mouthed woman and her “Basket Case” economy.

Better solution: Let the Scots vote out of power the SNP forever.
13 hours ago
This is bad news..As most Englishmen, I was so looking forward to losing the Scottish Millstone round our neck.
13 hours ago
Sturgeon knows she wouldn’t win a second referendum on Scottish independence so now she’s just looking for a way out…..  The woman is full of crap as always and her Narcissistic Personality Disorder is getting worse – she never tires of trying to keep herself in the news every couple of weeks….
10 hours ago
If I looked as rough as she does I’d keep my head down.. Ugly bint.

13 hours ago
John bull
The Scots have free movement, saw a gap in Hadrian’s Wall, easy .
13 hours ago
Taking a second referendum of the table because she knows she hasn’t a hope in hell of winning. Now shut up and get on with TRYING to run your wee Scottish council.
13 hours ago
Givethe people of England a say on whether they want moaning Scotland or not———answer is —————correct

13 hours ago
Wee Krankie has finally realised she’s on a looser so she’s changing direction or so she says. Don’t be fooled nothing has changed in her agenda.

It’s about time though she concentrated on the day job where after a decade in government the SNP have not got one single item they can call a success, everything they do has got the label FAILURE.

Well there we go…..Remember all these Love letters we were getting before the Independence referendum? I wonder where they all went?

Howls of Anguish and Betrayal as Nicola Sturgeon hints at shelving Indyref2


Not long after Nicola Sturgeon was interviewed today on BBC Radio Scotlands Good Morning Scotland program, there were howls of anguish among some Scottish Independence supporters after hearing her appear to suggest that Indyref2 would be taken off the table if there was a Soft Brexit.
Ochone ochone what a terrible thought, woe to us who have been shouting for another Independence referendum. We are being betrayed, sold down the river…..UDI now!
The shame of it….the SNP are only interested in power after all, they don’t care about us!  So on and so forth were heard the howls of outrage on Social media up and down the land. How could she? How dare she? We trusted her!

Shortly afterwards the BBC happily trumpeted on their website the following

Sturgeon suggests soft Brexit could take indyref off table in short term

Nicola Sturgeon says she is “willing to put aside my preferred option of independence in the EU” in favour of a soft Brexit

Nicola Sturgeon has suggested a soft Brexit would see the prospect of Scottish independence removed – in the short term.

Speaking on the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme, the first minister said she believed Scotland’s “direction of travel” was towards independence.

But she said this could be “put aside” in the short term as she seeks “consensus and compromise” over Brexit.

Opposition parties want Ms Sturgeon to rule out a second referendum.

Ms Sturgeon said she wanted the UK to retain membership of the European single market, the so-called soft Brexit option.

If the UK as a whole was to leave the market, she has set out terms on which Scotland could potentially stay in, but these would require new powers being devolved to Holyrood.

Voters in Scotland backed the UK staying in the EU by 62% to 38%.

Ms Sturgeon said she favoured Scotland remaining in the European Union as an independent country, and her government is currently consulting on a draft bill for a second independence referendum.

However, she acknowledged that “in terms of the timetable of Brexit” the prospect of Scottish independence could be taken off the table if a soft exit could be achieved.

‘Additional powers’

She said: “We want to try to work with others across the UK, across the political spectrum, to try to keep the UK in the single market.”

Ms Sturgeon said if that could not be done then her government had put forward a plan to UK ministers detailing how Scotland could retain membership of the single market, that includes devolving powers over areas including immigration and employment law to Holyrood.

She added: “I think there’s a lot of consensus starting to build around some of those additional powers, for example around immigration.

“We’ve put forward very detailed plans about how we avoid a hard Brexit and the reason it’s important to avoid a hard Brexit, let’s not forget, is because that will have a devastating impact on our economy and on jobs.

“So I’m in a sense willing to put aside my preferred option of independence in the EU to see if we can explore a consensus and compromise option.”

When pressed on the question of a second independence referendum being taken “off the table” in the event of a soft Brexit, Ms Sturgeon added: “In terms of the timescale of Brexit, that’s what I’ve been very clear about.

“Am I going to stop arguing for independence or believing in independence? Am I going to stop believing that Scotland is on a journey to independence?

“No, but we’re talking here about the particular context and timescale of Brexit – and I’m putting these proposals forward in good faith. I’m deliberately saying, ‘put my preferred option to one side’ and asking people if we can find a consensus and compromise option.”

So there we have it…..Indyref2 off the table for a considerable future if there is a Soft Brexit… access to the single market, immigration, freedom of movement etc

Not capitulation at all….but rather Check and very soon to be Check mate!
The likelihood of Theresa Mays government with all its raging loony Brexiteers of even giving in to the Scottish plan and giving Scotland control of immigration and its areas of fishing and farming along with other factors currently coming from the EU are as likely as Trump winning the title of Worlds most humble man…..totally zero!

By being seen to have endvoured to do the will of the majority of the Scottish people, by being seen to having come up with a plan to satisfy the majorities wishes, by being seen to be willing to compromise even her most ardent desires for Scottish Independence in order to give Scotland what it voted for in the EU referendum, she has kept her promise to do all she can and for everyone. How more reasonable can you expect her to be?
By doing all that….and still getting rebuffed because intransigent control freak May and her Brexiteers want none of it…. There is only one way for Scotland to go… Independence and check mate! Game over!


Self Loathing Scots who hate being Scottish


On a yearly basis a Social Attitudes survey takes place in Scotland, and quite frequently the question is asked of Scots whether they perceive themselves to be Scottish or British?
The last time this particular question arose in March 2015, 63% of the respondents answered that they considered themselves Scottish as opposed to 31% who considered themselves to be British. This has seen an increase of 4% who considered themselves Scottish in December 2014, and a corresponding decrease of those who considered themselves to be British.
It will be interesting to see what the results are once this question is again asked.
Interestingly also is that the percentage who consider themselves Scottish corresponds with the same percentage which voted to Remain in the EU at the Brexit referendum of this year.
There has not been a study to compare Scottishness with likelihood to wish to remain in Europe, and Britishness to exit Europe, but it wouldn’t at all surprise me if there was a positive correlation in these attitudes.

So we may be in a position where the bigger a mess the UK government make of the Brexit negotiations and the harder a line they take over Brexit, the more likely it is to lead to Scottish attitudes getting disgusted that we are being ignored again! Which in turn is exceedingly likely to lead to Indyref2. It is not so much a question of if it will happen but when it will happen. It will happen!
It is the difference in Social attitude which is sending the Union supporters into an absolute frenzy.
I am quite sure that the majority of you will by now have realised that there has been a huge upsurge in negative news about Scotland on Social media, Mainstream media and the press, along with a constant negative narrative coming from the Unionist parties of Labour and the Torys banging on about why we should not be having another Independence referendum.
It has not gone unnoticed either that the zombie Scottish Office department which really has nothing to do in Scotland anymore have suddenly seen an increase in their spending by an amazing 20% in the past 5 years, with 15% increase last year alone.
Its press and communications section has had its expenditure doubled since 2013.
Nor has it gone unnoticed that it now calls itself the Scottish Government on its letterheads with its branding changed to ” The Uk government in Scotland”
In short what we are seeing is the continuation of a full scale propaganda war!

Every single day you will see or hear a negative story about Scotland, sometimes more than one. What you will rarely hear or see is a positive story, and if it is a positive story It will be either downplayed, found to be questionable in some sense, and have a list of the usual suspect politicians and so called Independent experts and commentators queuing up to be heard. Fairly often if there is a positive story it will not be covered at all.
A very recent example being that Brent oil had doubled in price up by 100% , and set to increase further after a fresh OPEC agreement. On that day, did it make the news? The answer is NO. What we had instead was both BBC Scotland and STV reporting that 16 oil supply companies had fallen during the slump, and there were concerns about the cost of decommissioning. Good news buried, bad news which was actually old news regurgitated as if it were new news.

While the Scottish populace had by in large begun to feel really positive about themselves in the lead up to the Independence referendum and its aftermath, and feel much happier with their Scottish Identity as born out by the Scottish Social attitudes survey, the more aggressive and frightened had become the British establishment.

And so we have a British establishment in full scale propaganda war footing, built up from its Better Together campaign and continuing onwards to put Scotland down and make Scots feel less Scottish and more British.
They operate in a round robin manner, each part feeding the next to spread their negativity and make people doubt!
From top to bottom in their incestuous relationships are… The British Government with its Scotland office, The Unionist parties of Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrats and increasingly having their bile spread on the media UKIP and Farage. They are followed or led by the press which amounts to over 90% of publications owned and run from England, and the TV media led by the BBC also controlled from London. Bringing up the rear are the new Social media groups led by Scotland in Union.

Given the control of news and opinion, it is remarkable that so many Scots totally refuse to buy their negativity, unfortunately there are still a considerable amount who do. I am not referring to the brainwashed red white and blue Queen and Country gang here, they are fully indoctrinated and will scream blue murder over Independence,and will not change their one brain cell to another way of thinking. I am rather speaking of those who take in what they read, see and hear from their long trusted Beeb and their paper of choice and are not Internet savvy. These are the ones who cannot be reached by social media, but require face to face engagement.

The one thing that really get up the Unionist Scots noses is being told that they are not Scots! They claim to be, yet will totally refuse to take their Union Jack glasses off, and when push comes to shove, will act against Scotlands Interests in favour of whatever the British establishment throws at us. So called Cybernats were quite rightly roundly criticised for calling doubters on Scottish Independence traitors and quislings during the Independence referendum. Those that were unsure or had their justifiable doubts at the time should not have been treated as such. When being bombarded all of their lives with Scotland is too poor, too weak and too stupid to survive without the union, who honestly could blame them? aggressively reacting to those was nothing but counter productive.

But those that I do find to be loathsome Scots are those in politics who are only thinking of their own selfish self interest. Those like Dugdale or Davidson or Rennie, these and their ilk are traitors to Scotland. In another time and era they would be called collaborators. They have nothing positive to say about Scotland and its people and are only interested in their own self promotion. Whenever last did you hear any of them when they were not putting Scotland down whilst claiming falsely they had our best interest at heart. Funny appreciation Davidson had when she compared Scots to thieves and rogues at the Tory conference.

So prepare yourself for a hell of a lot more griping from all those self interested loathsome Scots in the media, politics and the press and social media in the coming year. You aint seen nothing yet!


Beggar on a Beach of Gold

As more and more Scots are driven into homelessness and poverty through the greed of those in power in the UK …. we have greater aspirations which we can strive for.

Poverty is not always lack of funds, but there are those whose poverty is that of lack of moral values and basic humanity. The poorest of the poor are still worth more than these.

Supremely Swept under the Carpet

The Supreme Court is due to give its decision on Decembers Brexit Case appeal from the UK Government sometime later this month. Their judgement will be crucial and far reaching with regards as to how Westminster proceed, and Indeed may be instrumental in the relationship of Scotland in the Union.
During the appeal case itself many watched the proceedings with keen interest even though the arguments were extremely boring in their legalistic delivery.
One respondent who wasn’t granted leave to address the Supreme Court, despite having made a written submission which was accepted by the court was Aiden O’Neil QC
Not being permitted even a mere 45 minutes to speak to his submission, and to be heard by the judges and Indeed the viewing public meant that the vast majority of citizens would be entirely unaware of the weight and meaning of his submission. In effect it was swept under the carpet and not allowed a public airing.

The fact that he was not allowed even the briefest time to speak on his submission to the Court is no great surprise given that his was a challenge to not only the Sovereignty of the Westminster parliament, but to the Sovereignty of the Queen herself, and a challenge to the legal primacy of even the Supreme Court in matters pertaining to Scotland and Europe.
He also delves considerably into the relationship between European Law and Its embedding into Scots Law and how this means that it it cannot be simply removed, whether my Royal prerogative or even simply by Act of Parliament in Westminster.
Although he doesn’t specifically say it, we know for instance that the Tory Westminster government is keen to get rid of the European Convention on Human Rights, and should they endeavour to do so, they would hit a roadblock in Scotland. The same would apply to other EU Laws also embedded in Scots Law.

For those who have not had a chance to read what his written submission was, I urge you to do so now. I provide a direct link below.

It will be of particular interest if the Judges make much reference to his submission in their judgement, or if they avoid doing so like they were holding hot coals in their hands.

It is not just a matter of whether the UK government can exercise the Royal prerogative, but rather if it can even be applied to Scotland if challenged.
The question of Sovereignty whether it be Queen or the people of Scotland who hold that prerogative with regards to Scotland.
Is Scotland to be regarded as an equal country in partnership in this Union, or as a region of England?
Can the UK Supreme Court supersede Scots Law with English Law if it finds in the UK governments favour?
We may be looking at a constitutional crisis far greater than Brexit if the judges make a misstep.

Written Submission from Aiden O’Neil to the Supreme Court