I was writing recently about the importance of brands,resistance to change, and much in the same vein I suppose I have to include blogs in that too.
Despite my best efforts to encourage folks to move over from my Auld Acquaintance blog to this one, very few have done so. So as part of my listening process, I have to come to the conclusion that folks prefer not change over.
Thus I have decided to return to my old blog for my independence writing, and use this one for poetry and music and such likes.
There you go… unlike the Torys, I do listen and respond accordingly.


2 thoughts on “Listening

  1. OKDOK.

    You listen and respond as does the FM but not the PM (to wit, massive petition against UK state visit for President Trump which the latter has blackballed officially – what a treasure this PM is for she seems hell bent on smashing the Union and severing global ties unless with The Donald who will ride her Hermit Crab chauvinism for all its worth) but please keep me in the loop with both your sites as they are invaluable:)


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