Humpty Trumpty

Humpty Trumpty tried to build a big Wall
Humpty Trumpty had hands far too small
All the Queens Ministers and her No.10
Couldn’t join Trumpty back in his mums womb again

Rod Macfarlane


Who was really surprised to see May and Trump hand in hand?
Both have built up their stations on a xenophobic stance
Both with their barriers to keep refugees from their shores
And not a word said by May when Trump wanted torture once more

Britain First said May, with a Brexit of Red White and Blue
America First said Trump, but I will do business with you
My how good and how gracious and how kind Mr Trump
Lets sell more arms to despot dictators and give Peace the hump

We are both on the same page, and Mr Farage will agree
The Mail and The Express and the Sun are with me
Mr Trump said thats goody, that is great Its so great
But I will stick to my twitter because my medias some state

Now for climate denial, I have it all planned, enough of these windmills I really can’t stand.
Yes of course said Theresa, we’ve gone for nuclear too
Green Investment is passe,and for our financiers It wont do

Now perhaps you can help me dispose of our NHS
Its been a burden too long and our books such a mess
Of course said the Donald, make the peasants all pay
How good to have a Special friend. Do come visit said May.

Rod Macfarlane



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