Stick yer Independence up your arse

Aye, you can stick yer Independence up your arse.
Mary Doll and her Natszis are a bloody stupid farce
A cult withoot a clue, who are all touchy and insane
Independence? Don’t make me laugh, it frazzles up my brain

Whoever yet would believe such an utter pile of shite
They’re not right in the head, like farts which are set alight
They are all sheeple, they are not people
Baaa Baaa baaaing makes more sense
Scotland blooming usless Scotland
Be independent? Don’t be so bloomin dense

If Labour will not cut it, then the Torys will have to do
We don’t care about fairness or inequality, just the Red, White and the Blue
We don’t worry if our health is crap, the Natz will get the blame
With our sashes and super lager, we will praise Old Derrys Fame

Scotlands not a Country, it’s never been for many a year
Great Britain is my Country, and for the Union Jack I cheer
Me and my pals we know the score, King Billy is the Man
God Bless the Queen and all she does for us
We’ll cry No surrender to a man

In our Great and Glorious Empire, where the Pope will always die
We of the tribe of Orange Men, will all go marching by
Who cares if we have Austerity, In Good Queen Bess we trust
And we will go marching into oblivion before the Union turns to dust

Rod Macfarlane


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