There Will Always be an England

There will always be an England was the songs refrain
Wherever there’s a cottage small and a country lane
There will always be an England, a million marching feet
There will always be an England, while there’s a busy street

“Red, White and Blue, what does it mean to you”
“Britons Awake!, and the Empire too ”
There will always be an England, so sang Vera Lynn
But no longer there is an England, It’s a sad song now to sing

For poor England it exists no more, the country now is gone
For if Scotland is a region, then for England too so long
The Empire non existent, all crumbled into dust
Britain is the Country now, but It’s Greatness lost its crust

With the Great articles of Union now lost to another age
There is no England, Wales or Scotland but footprints on a page
We are all now citizens in the places of the regions that we live
Our flags they are but relics to the Jack we homage give

England has no parliament, and Scotland a mere assembly
There will always be an England, somewhere in your memory
But some keep to the Illusion and they swear by their St George
So look around tell me what you see when Westminsters greed does gorge

Rod Macfarlane

No….I have not lost my marbles!

The reasoning behind the above poem is because of the Supreme Court Ruling yesterday, where Scotland was reduced to no more than a Region of the UK.
They referred to Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland as regional assemblies.
So the Scottish Parliament along with Scotland was reduced to mere regional status, with no more say than the regions of Cumbria, or Yorkshire.
They absolutely debunked the Sewel Convention as not being Law, so therefore as a mere convention it only had a political purpose and not a legal one.
With Scotlands status reduced to such a degree, and thus the opinion of Scots too, the implication was that Westminster could do what it dam well pleased, even to the point of dissolving the Scottish parliament if so wished. So much for the valued and equal partner in the Union that we were told about at the time of the Independence referendum.
The Vow, the Scotland Acts, Devolution all revealed as being one great massive Con!
No ifs buts or maybes about it.. Devolution is power retained by Westminster, and devolution can be equally taken away by Westminster.
It was claimed at the time of the Independence Referendum by a paper produced by the British Government that Scotland had ceased to be as a country at the time of Union, and was subsumed by England in creating the UK parliament. By the Law Lords ruling yesterday, that unpleasant truth is revealed.
My argument being that Scotland was not subsumed and could not be so as long as we retained our own Law,which we have done. The Supreme Court set up by the Labour government is proving to be a Trojan Horse though.
I do not accept that Scotland is a mere region, but if it were to be, my argument would be that at the time of Union both Scotland and England ceased to exist, and thus the thrust of my poem…. Lets see how our Unionist friends like that idea!


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