The Abstainers

When Jeremy Corbyn came to Glasgow he said he was on a mission
With Labour lost their nom de guerre he had found a new ambition

With a 3 line whip he’d help remove us all from being European
With another one support nuclear arms but a Tory he wasn’t being

He got out his pad and he made some notes, he was the modern day Che Guevara
The Glaswegians merely stopped and stared, thinking he was more like Jenny Marra

He told them all that he would stand and fight, and Independence meant austerity
Had he lost his marbles on the London flight, talking out of his posterity?

For he’s the Great JC, why can’t people see? He is the new messiah
With foodbanks of bread and fishes, and all the milk and honey they can desire

When his future generations come, from yet another brand new labour
They will reflect on his great accomplishments, and they will surely savour

A quick flight back and he’d get home, leaving Scotland to his proclaimers
Now theres a thought, He’d form a band and call it the Abstainers

Rod Macfarlane


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