Theresa May has just become the Scottish National Partys’ most effective Recruiting Sergeant, ably supported by her Scots Corporals, Davidson,Dugdale and Rennie.

I should know, because for years I have resisted joining the SNP or any political party, yet in the space of 45minutes yesterday Theresa May broke down my stubborn resistance and I succumbed and joined the SNP.

I am not a party animal, although in the past I did dip my toes into that particular pool and was the chair of a local party branch, and was asked to stand for election by Alex Salmond and refused.
I just am not at all keen on the types of infighting that can go on in any party or organisation , so I have tended tended to steer well clear, and plough my own furrow.
I am also a stubborn sort, and once I firmly set my mind on something, I am almost impossible to shift.
I am also an individual who will not tow a party line just because it happens to be party policy, I will make up my own mind on things, and I will disagree with what I feel is wrong, party policy or not.
So as you can see, I am no blind follower of any party or doctrine. The very sort who will not willingly be pinned down by party membership. Yet, Theresa May managed in short order in jig time yesterday to commit myself otherwise.

What she came out with yesterday horrified me, and it left me with no option but to make myself active in party politics to stand up against what she stands for, and resist her and her implanted anti Scots Brit Nat followers who do not have Scotlands best interests at heart, but who will turn their coats against us.

As if the Torys had not done enough already against the poorest and less able in society, supported at various stages by the abstentions of the Labour party, what May indicated yesterday was that they were to be punished further.
By threatening Europe with a UK which will turn into an offshore low corporate tax haven with low wages. By indicating the withdrawal from the European Court of Justice and European Laws which can and will gradually be changed such as the Convention on Human Rights, Workers Rights and every other law that gets in the way of the Rich getting richer. .  Her threats to Europe were in effect a threat against us all who live in this Island.
The isolationism she and her kind stand for cannot be countenanced.
Her talk of being first in the queue with Corporate loving Donald Trumps America signals a Transatlantic Trade Partnership which would see Corporations riding roughshod over democracy and the annihilation of the NHS.

When Theresa May speaks of the 3 devolved administrations she refuses to acknowledge that there are different countries in the UK, England is never mentioned,why would it be when her likes see England as being synonymous with Britain. When she speaks of a British Brexit she means an English Brexit.
When she speaks of Country instead of State, she refuses to acknowledge Scotland as a country in its own right, instead it is a region in her eyes.
when she says that the British people voted out, she refuses to acknowledge that Scots voted otherwise.
when she speaks of Global Britain, she really means Isolationist Britain. Britain already has traded globally, our exports reach all corners of the world today.
When she talks of freedom to take back control and self determination, she refuses to countenance these things for Scotland.
when no longer can you go abroad without paying a hefty cost, blame it on her.
when goods get more expensive and jobs go as investment dries up, blame it on her.
when she and her party finally run the NHS into the ground, blame it on her.
when no longer can Scotland afford basic Social services because our reimbursement grant through the Barnett formula fades to nothing…blame it on her!

When Ruth Davidson, Kezia Dugdale and Willie Rennie all canvassed heavily against us leaving Europe and the Single market, they were right! They all warned how devastating such action would be.
Yet now… They have all turned their backs on Scotland, and are happy to see us all be irrevocably damaged by what we are about to see. They are nothing more than toadies and servants of Thersa May and all the British Torys.
Corbyn may try to bring outmoded Labour values back, but he is a weak leader, and his own MPs are behind him cheering on the Torys.
Theresa May effectively turned the Conservatives into UKIP yesterday.

I am not scare mongering here….this is the impact that her road will lead us to.
we have no option left…we must stand up and fight and be counted now.
Once the poorest in our society have been bled dry and dying, our middle class will be next, until only the very richest who are the parasites are left.

I cannot sit back, sniping from the back seats anymore….thus I have joined with the SNP.


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