Sorry for the Industrial language in the title!
Quite simply that is as blunt as I could possibly make the overall contents of todays speech by Theresa May.

She reduced Scotland and the people of Scotland from Nationhood and Sovereign people to being a region of the UK with Scots as mere vassals of that State.
Not only that, but because of that, Scots are no longer equal partners in the UK but are merely there as irritating citizens of the State whose views are immaterial in the greater scheme of things.

Many of us had already twigged the road which May and her Tory government intended to take us down, so it was absolutely no surprise whatsoever when Brexit turned into a hard Brexit.. but not just a hard Brexit but the Hardest of all Brexits, amounting to pulling up the drawbridge of the castle and repelling all boarders.

I listened with great care to what she was saying, and when one cut through the waffle of the first few minutes of her speech, which was reminiscent of a posh female Trump mingled with a sober Nigel Farage, where she went into a mantra of we will make Britain Great again, We will take back control.

She launched into her main points…

Firstly: Of foremost priority to her was the preservation of the UK Union. What she meant by that was to become clearer as she went on.
She then launched into a theme which she repeated continuously throughout her speech, time and time again. That of Britain being a Global Britain and a Great trading nation.

She said that she wanted the Eu to succeed, and almost in the next breath said that is why we are leaving! Great stuff…our leaving the EU can only be of benefit to them.

She said that her main principle was to retain parliamentary sovereignty, which is all well and good for our English neighbours. Parliamentary Sovereignty is an English concept not a Scottish one, where Scots themselves are sovereign. So in effect she was reiterating the nonsense that by her understanding Scots were not in themselves sovereign but vassals of the English Crown.

She referred to the majority of British votes being for removal from the EU, but nowhere do I ever recall that vote also meant removal from the Single Market, or the Customs Union. Nor was there even a hint of recognition that those in that Country which is supposedly an equal partner in the UK voted by a majority to remain in the EU.
Her idea of consultation with the Scottish government to reflect the majority of Scottish views is to have no consultation at all.

As part of her pitch she said that the vote to remove the UK from the EU meant it was a vote to retain parliamentary democracy and one of self determination.
Unless I have been living in an alternative universe for the best part of the last 60 years, I am quite convinced that we have always had parliamentary democracy whether inside the Eu or not. Unless of course we have never had General elections in my lifetime and I dreamed it all. I have never seen the EU ever threatening making us remove parliamentary democracy. Although Theresa May seems to be hell bent on overthrowing parliamentary democracy by becoming some sort of dictator.

As for Self determination? Is this not rather hypocritical of her, given that she is absolutely determined to deny Scottish self determination? what is good for one removal from Union is not good for another?

She reiterated that she wants shot of all EU Law, interwoven as it is in Scots Law, and wants to replace it gradually by parliament decisions… Oh she says that she will protect workers rights etc.. Do you believe her? I don’t!
Already we know that she wants rid of European Human Rights…she doesn’t like how ordinary people are protected from the worst of whatever excesses she has in mind for ordinary people.

She says that she wants shot of the European Court of Justice influence over our Laws..In which case she wont mind getting rid of the Supreme Court, as it is only in place because of the application of European laws in the Independent Laws of the countries of the UK.

She stipulates  that foreign affairs is the domain of Westminster, which of course they are under the Union.
That also hints that she will endeavour to block any of the Devolved Countries leaders talking to foreign leaders in future… No more gallivanting to Europe Ms Sturgeon.

Despite hoisting the barricades up to keep Johnny foreigner out of the UK, other than those who are really Intelligent and powerful, she stipulated that she wants to keep the border open between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and to retain the Common travel area there, but with some sort of immigration controls… So if that is the case she cannot have her cake and eat it over a border with an Independent Scotland should Scots become Independent in future.

She clearly said that she doesn’t intend the UK staying in the Single Market, nor the Customs Union, nor even the sort of agreement that Norway has in the EFTA or Switzerland in the EEA ….She wants no part of Europe in any shape or form. But still wants free trade, without in any way contributing to make that work. Apart that is for the likes of Nissan Cars and the City of London, who can have their own special deals.

She wants the ending of freedom of Movement…which means of course people, that your foreign holidays are going to be Kyboshed. It is going to be much much harder and much much more costly for you.

She trumpeted that Britain now was at the front of the queue with Trumps America. Talk about a terrifying idea!  The TTP…Transatlantic Trade Partnership which has been bombed out by Europe will now come here instead… Which among everything else will mean American Companies buying up the NHS, and not a dam thing we can do about it.
Now you know why Englands NHS is being run into the ground! Get your Medical Insurance here folks ….and if you are too poor …you die!
Scots already know enough about how Trump conducts business….and I would hazard an educated guess that most Scots want no part of it!

She concluded reiterating for the umpteenth time that we would have a stronger, fairer, global Britain… Well I know Tory idea of fairness and I sure dont want any of it. As for Global..we already trade with the World, some of Scotlands biggest exports are to America and the Far East, and there are no problems… So she is talking bunkum..what she means is something entirely different…The Rich will get richer in her Britain, and the Poor will be reduced to Slavery. The Old, the Ill, the Infirm will be dumped on the waste heap. And We shall have no foreigners here.

We will not be kept updated on negotiations…so we will be blind to what they are up to.

The threat was then made to Europe… Unless Europe agrees to Her demands there will be a trade war, and Britain will be turned into an Offshore state and low waged economy…
She mentioned the Intelligence Community a number of times…and that sounds like war to me.. Counter espionage etc with Europe.

Finally she finished off by saying that Losers have to respect the Brexit outcome and we need to come together as a Country. The UK is not a country it is a State made up of Countries… and we in Scotland are a founding Country of the UK… but not for much longer i think.

Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish government pulled back from an Independence referendum over withdrawal from the EU, and reduced the terms and conditions to the Single Market, that too has now been withdrawn..

There is no way to go now… If Nicola sturgeon and the Scottish government were not bluffing, and I know they were not… I fully expect the announcement of Indyref2 in due course..



4 thoughts on “Fuck off Scotland and do as you are told!

  1. excellent comment!
    IndyRef2 timing will be of the essence.
    Scotland needs to know this is last chance saloon – there will be absolutely no possibility of IndyRef2 once Ms May ends negotiations with the EU.
    Optimally I would say late summer/early autumn 2018 but I have a horrible feeling she may pull the plug sooner.
    Scotland needs to be on its marks and ready to go!


  2. Indyref#2 finally put an end to tory rule and “new tax schemes” only in alba. Cant wait till trump opens the dakota pipe line and puts an end to all this refugee nonsense aswell.


  3. Mrs May can easily agree to the open Irish border on the basis that EU workers can cross into Northern Ireland if they want but they can then be stopped at the from boarding the ferry to mainland Britain at Belfast and Larne. I hope the Northern Irish are ready for their Calais type camps. The quicker Scotland leaves this xenophobic political madhouse the better. Why don’t the English just do the decent thing and declare independence from the UK and everyone else except themselves. I think now that even their Welsh pals would be happy to see them go.


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