When asked continuously what brexit means, we are told repeatedly from Theresa May and her Tory Westminster government that Brexit means Brexit. We are told that it will be a Red White and Blue Brexit whatever that is supposed to mean?
When we ask what kind of brexit it is? Is it a hard Brexit, or a Soft Brexit? We are given no answer whatsoever. It all boils down to Brexit means Brexit, and it is none of our business what their plans are for leaving the European Union.
By all indications the intentions appear to be that they are heading for a hard Brexit, where the UK leaves the Single market, but hopes to retain favourable trading links.
We cannot be sure what their real intentions are, any more than what they appear to know themselves, as there does not appear to be any visible plan whatsoever.

We are told that they wish to keep the border open between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland after Brexit, yet we are told that should Scotland become Independent then there will have to be a hard border between Scotland and England. That just simply does not equate!
We know that the Torys want to get rid of the European convention on Human Rights on Brexit. We know that they want to severely restrict access and Immigration to the Uk. We know that they are threatening people who have spent most of their lives her with deportation.
We know that they simply don’t want to tell us anything about their plans, and that they do not want us to look too closely or have a say in what they are doing. They ant no discussion whatsoever. Hence why they went to appeal at the Supreme Court.

What we also know is that they are full of hot air.
If Brexit means Brexit, and lets not discuss it.. Guess what..Indy means Indy and we shall have it.
The British Exit will mean the Scottish Exit. So the equation changes from Brexit means Brexit, to Brexit means Sexit!  No need for any discussion is there?



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