As if 2016 didn’t bring up quite a few surprises, some of which will have a totemic impact not just on Scottish politics,but on British politics,European politics and World politics. It seems that 2017 is guaranteed to carry on in the same vein.
The shock announcement today that Nicola Sturgeon is to be the Daily Records new star columnist with a weekly column for the paper of the “VOW” can only serve but to ruffle quite a few feathers, not only on the Unionist side, but also certainly among some Independence supporters.

Here is the link to that news…

Nicola in record bid

Have a read at the Daily Record Facebook page on this story… The Unionists and the WATP mob have gone into melt down!!
The comments are full of outrage.

Can it be that this is a devious ploy by Nicola to close down the Record for their Vow? Surely not!


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