Well here we go again, once more into the breach again as it were. A new year, a new day, and the ongoing struggle to achieve Independence for Scotland.
It seems a long time from 2012 when It all began in earnest. It has been a long haul which despite the disappointment of the 19th of September 2014, and the feeling of despondency having seen the result of the previous day, still allowed for the satisfaction of how hard the Yes campaign had fought,and the camaraderie it had built among fellow Independence supporters.
For a while I allowed for the depression at the triumphalism of our negative opponents to sink in….around 2hours. Then with gusto, I threw myself back into the fray. We have not won, but we had come dam close! It was a battle lost, but the desire had not lessened, instead it had merely increased. We could still do this, we just had to try harder and next time..we would win!

I took time out from writing my old blog ” Auld Acquaintance” and spent a few months simply recharging my batteries. Before that however…I had set up a new Facebook group on the 19th of September, “Yes Alliance” and I had still my twitter account “Aye4Scotland” to look after and see that they were left in good hands while I took a break.

Very quickly the Vow and promises of the Better Together campaign and the Unionist politicians showed up what we already knew them to be…Worthless.
Scots Independence however was not about to be put back in its box, the people of Scotland saw to that very quickly. We were not about to give up on what we had achieved, and far from being dead,the calls for Scots Independence grew stronger and louder, we were no spent force, we were not defeated nor discouraged, we were stronger and more determined than ever.

The SNP were elected in their droves to Westminster and the supposed victors of Better Together, the Torys, Labour and the LibDems were almost entirely annihilated, no more would they pretend to speak for us.

What we could not have expected on that bleak day In September 2014, was that Independence would be so quickly back on the agenda. Many of us had believed it would realistically take another generation before we got the opportunity again. What we could not have anticipated at that time was the spectacular idiocy of a Cameron Tory government actually pushing for a vote on our membership of the EU. Nor could we have anticipated that having called one, English right wing xenophobia would take such a grip of our neighbours to actually result in a Brexit vote. Thus with Scots voting by a good majority of remaining, we were about to be removed from the EU against our collective will. It was the exact scenario where the threat of the Unionists had been that if we voted for Independence we would lose our membership of the EU and by only voting for the Union could we be guaranteed to remain in it. It was in effect a material breach.

So here we are again.. Independence once more in the offing. The starting gun has not yet been fired, but who can possibly doubt now that it will be fired. It is simply a matter of timing.
We know it, and our opponents know it. Thus why we who support Independence from whatever background, or for whatever reason are champing at the bit to bring it on, and those who oppose are so scared. For all their bombast, for all their bluster, for all their denial that we should even be considering it, they know only too well, that this time we will win! They do not like it one bit, but in their heart of hearts, they know that this time they will lose.
But do not be complacent, nor do not be mislead, if we had a hard fight last time round, we are in for a much tougher one this time. They too have learned their lessons, and they too are much more prepared for what is coming.
You can tell by the media onslaught of negativity towards Scotland and our society on a daily basis that they are more determined than ever to put and keep Scotland down.
Whether it be articles in the majority of English owned papers which pretend to be Scottish, or by the medium of the BBC and to a lesser extent STV, or the sudden surge in Social media groups who are funded by Tory money. They all hammer home negativity of Scotland, Scots, our society, our health, education, transport, and mostly the SNP and our government.
The attacks keep coming, they attack our NHS, but no mention or comparison with the dire state of the English NHS, they attack our transport particularly trains, but do not mention that the state of affairs are worse south of the border. They attack our educational failings knowing the mess that is being made in the English school system.
They call us and our political representatives by nasty names. We are Nazis and Cybernats, Nicola Sturgeon is Wee Nippy , Krankie, Mary Doll or the poisoned dwarf, so on and so forth.
The vitriol on comments pages are quite something to behold, yet we Independence supporters, not all of us angels by any means would get rightly taken to task for even a fraction of what they come out with.
It is what in psychology is  termed as projection. Projecting onto others what one is guilty of oneself. It is the classic profile of an Abuser. Put them down, keep them down, and make them believe that they are letting you down because they are deficient, and make them believe about themselves that they really are worthless without you.

Well we wont wear it anymore… the worm has turned, and they can’t put the cat back in its box. This time we are going to win.
We know our country is not perfect, how could it be when being controlled by another for over 300 years . We know the SNP are not perfect, but they are our instrument to make Independence happen. We know our government is not perfect, but we can improve it and shape it the way we want it once we have control of our own budget and economy and are not facing the billions removed from us through Westminster false austerity.

So they can bash on all they like, they can hammer on about the economy, our state of poverty which they falsely inflict on us, they can blame our NHS, our Education, our Transport, our Social Services when we are making do with their cutbacks which they impose on us. These are not cut backs our government wishes to make, but they are forced to make do with what they are given back. It is an extremely hard job to do. Imagine if your wage packet was cut every year, it eventually boils down to bare essentials. Worse is still to come if we are to let it, but we wont let it!
It is not about borders, it is not about currency, it is not about assets or debts.

It is about , and only about, Independence, freedom to make our own choices and not have the will of an other imposed on us. It is about pride and aspirations, and social justice. It is about fairness, and knowing that whatever successes or failures we have , we can only do better, because it is the will of our people, and we the people will take Scotland back to where it belongs. An Old Country renewed and taking its rightful place among the Worlds Nations… And we will hold out our hand in friendship to them.

We shall be Scotland once more…not a pretend region of a failed Empire.



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