Following on from yesterdays interview with Nicola Sturgeon on the BBC, there have been cries of outrage and what can only be described as loathing from our friends South of the Border and those who love their rocketing Star personae in the Tory party and their friends. Howling at the wind of change is awesome to behold.
Following on is a copy of what has been said in an ultra British facist newspaper which is not the Daily Mail, reproduced for you to read without having to feel as dirty as I do in giving them a click!
I am heading off for a long shower now, but I doubt that I can remove all the muck I have read.
WARNING: Those with a squeamish disposition read no further!

‘You have FAILED’ – Ruth Davidson rips into Nicola Sturgeon over Brexit demands

RUTH DAVIDSON launched a furious rebuttal to Nicola Sturgeon after she hinted she could take her demands for a second independence referendum off the table – if the UK opted for a ‘soft’ Brexit.

The First Minister said she would be as long as delivered a deal with Brussels which kept Scotland in the single market.

Mrs May has repeatedly quashed such demands as she has made clear regaining control of Britain’s borders and laws are central to her Brexit strategy and are unlikely to be achieved while remaining a member of the single market.

Ms Davidson, the leader of the Conservatives in Scotland, tore into Ms Sturgeon and accused her of being a failure and wasting six months moaning about leaving the .

She told the World at One on BBC Radio 4: “ has spent six months desperately trying to use as a way to boost support for independence and she has failed.

“Today was an acknowledgement of that – that if there was another independence referendum tomorrow she would lose again.

“What we need from our First Minister is a First Minister who acts not only as leader of the SNP but acts as a First Minister for the whole of Scotland.”

Ms Davidson, seen as a rising star of the Conservative Party, also accused her political rival of “taking her eye off the ball” and demanded she stop agitating for a breakaway from the UK.

While admitting she also favoured remaining in the single market – hence her support for Remain during last year’s referendum – Ms Davidson said she had moved on and was now focused on helping secure a good deal for all of Britain.

“You don’t get everything you were arguing for beforehand if you lose a vote,” Ms Davidson said.

Labour in Scotland also rounded on Ms Sturgeon after her attempt to blackmail Downing Street into a ‘soft’ Brexit.

Scottish Labour MSP Iain Gray said: “After reading the polls which show that Scots are opposed to her plan for a second independence referendum, Nicola Sturgeon could be forgiven for wanting to back away from another referendum.

“But the First Minister could clear up any doubt about her intentions by ruling out another referendum altogether. The vast majority of people in Scotland don’t want to go through another referendum.”

Speaking on Friday morning the First Minster said: “We want to try to work with others across the UK across the political spectrum to try to keep the UK in the single market.

“If that can’t be done, then we want to explore ways – and we’ve put forward how we think this can be done – of keeping Scotland in the single market while continuing to protect free trade across the rest of the UK and said very clearly, of course, that would require additional powers for the Scottish Parliament.”

Ms Sturgeon said she believed there was consensus building around some of those additional powers, including immigration.

She continued: “We’ve put forward very detailed plans about how we avoid a hard Brexit and the reason it’s important to avoid a hard Brexit, let’s not forget, is because that will have a devastating impact on our economy and on jobs.

“So, I’ve, in a sense, been willing and am willing to put aside my preferred option of independence in the EU to see if we can explore a consensus and compromise option.”

Following her comments to Radio Scotland, Ms Sturgeon tweeted it was a “reasonable assessment” that a second independence referendum currently appeared more likely than a soft Brexit, but said the Scottish Government proposals had been “put forward in good faith”, adding “Ball is in PM court”.

OK…..Have you survived to here? Well done!

Now don your crash helmets and feel the Love!

Here come the comments!

Ms Sturgeon, pack it all in and go back to the rubbish strewn streets of Glasgow from whence you are Leader of the Scottish Parliament, for the time being.   You have become one of the World’s top boring females, with no idea what the hard working people in Scotland really want; and have let them down.   Forget referendums , and a part in the EU., you have neither the brains or acumen for high politics.  Let the UK alone, for you are now heading for a very big fall  We need sensible people in charge, not types like you , so do something useful for a change, and get the heck out of everyone’s lives.

4 hours ago

Sturgeon can’t stop demanding a referendum.

She is a single issue politician.

And nothing else matters to her other than Scottish home rule.

The Scot’s keep voting for her and that tells the English something.

Either get rid of her and her mates.

Or have a referendum in England regarding Scottish home rule.

As far as many English are concerned they can go and be dammed to them.

And the sooner the better.

4 hours ago
Please Ronaldo, do not tar us all with the same brush, remember 55% of us voted to remain in the UK and 61% do not want a further divisive independence referendum. I can understand your feelings about this one trick pony of a polititian (using the word lightly as she is actually leader of a cult, not of a country), but you cannot imagine how we Scots who wish to remain united with UK feel, she is a severe itch in a location difficult to scratch, a total irritation which we must endure day and night on our Scottish tv screens. Also the majority of Scots did NOT vote for her party, she now leads a minority administration and is only pro

pped up by the head banging Scottish Greens, also supporting their “freeduuuuum”… a little sympathy please for the sensible majority!

7 hours ago
Ruth Davidson is way to clever for that mentally deficient low life Sturgeon.
8 hours ago
9 hours ago
Hard Brexit is the only way forward for the whole of the UK. Nobody with a grain of sense is listening to Krankie as she hasn’t got a clue, she knows she’s on a losing wicket

10 hours ago
Perhaps she is hoping England will put Pakistani style FREE money ATMs all over Scotland, using English foreign Aid, paid for by English Taxpayers.
10 hours ago
If we’re going to have a pantomime let’s at least have a decent one instead of Sturgeon cracking the same old gags and getting the same old groans from the audience. She’s like the spoiled brat who, when offered Christmas pudding or chocolate cake, wanted both. If she wants independence then what the UK negotiates is irrelevant. The one without a plan is Sturgeon.

10 hours ago
Failed insane woman.
10 hours ago
Ruth Davidson ripped into Leave voters during the referendum.

We remember the words and the bile.

If Brexit means Brexit, Hypocrite means Hypocrite, Blah means Blah, Yawn means Yawn.

10 hours ago
Nah, sod Kranky.

Call her bluff. Get a second Scottish referendum out of the way and then dump this divvy woman.

4 hours ago
Not in the least puzzling…she is a moron, should be put in a straightjacket in a locked padded cell

11 hours ago
I’m not even sure why MS Sturgeon thinks this is a viable ploy. She isn’t offering anything other than clearly saying that, if she gets her way now, she won’t ask for an independence referendum while Brexit negotiations are in progress. As soon as they are complete she will pursue her independence agenda.

Is that an offer Westminster can’t refuse ?
11 hours ago
resistance is futile
The Romans built Hadrian’s wall after seeing the crazy unreasonable barbarians to the north.

Even after 2000 years things seem much the same!

12 hours ago
It would have meant something if Ruth Davidson hadn’t admitted “she also favoured remaining in the single market”, which is still totally against what the People voted for.

Ruth – If we Remain in the EU Single Market, this is not Leaving the EU at all, it’s Remaining by the backdoor.
We want to be FREE TO TRADE WITH THE WORLD as we wish – this is FORBIDDEN if you Remain a member of the wretched rotten EU Single Market.
We also don’t want FMOP or to pay billions solely for the ‘privilege’ of selling to people who want to sell more to us anyway.
12 hours ago
I have a picture of Ruth holding wee Nics arm as she screams and wails attracting everyone’s attention in the supermarket while Ruth says no you cant have anymore sweeties you’ll make yourself sick.
12 hours ago
Grumpy tom
Give them a referendum. I’m sure the English & Welsh can live with their choice with little change in their lives – might be different in N Ireland but that’s inconsequential to most.
12 hours ago
Mat E Lowe
Sturgeon= stupid bint. Will she never switch on as to what 17.4 M voted for?
12 hours ago
Spokesman for Labour Iain Gray . Thats all you need to hear . A more useless politician or person you will never find , They are led by a les()bo woman who would love to go to bed with the Tory leader Ruth Davidson. What a disaster

12 hours ago
  Sturgeon thinks that blackmail will make us cave in – it won’t.   We voted for a hard Brexit and she knows it so we will settle for nothing less otherwise we might just as well have lost the vote.

  If she has her way we will be saddled with everything that we have now – which is the same as staying in this corrupt – illegal outfit.

12 hours ago
This years panto “Nippy and the Neverendum” same as last years panto. Just do it you cretin lets get it over with, you and the Scottish Nasty Party will not leave it alone until your nose is rubbed in the dirt.

12 hours ago
Ruth for FM.

Going against the Krankie twit must seem like shooting dead ducks in a barrel.
12 hours ago
Krankie has either failed to deliver or been made to look a fool at everything she has done or suggested since becoming the FM.  Now it’s milking the system for what it can get, it knows it’s finished come next election.

12 hours ago
Same old song. More powers for Nicola Sturgeon, oops sorry the Scottish “people”.( as long as England pays for it).

13 hours ago
Sturgeon makes headless chickens look sensible.

13 hours ago
Well done Ruth, never thought I’d say that about a Tory! This idiot of a woman has no idea what she’s doing anymore, demanding for a second referendum demanding for a soft Brexit, what’s next? Well as a proud Scot, a Brexiteer and someone who wants to stay in part of Great Britain , I demand she be sacked, not just from first minister but from public life. She will be part of a bad time in history and will be remembered for all the ranting and raving.

9 hours ago
Ruth Davidson has forgotten more than Nicola sturgeon knows,I would trust her more than kranky.
13 hours ago
No Soft Brexit!!! sod the Scots

11 hours ago
You mean Sturgeon and her SNP followers. She doesn’t speak for the majority of Scots.
13 hours ago
If she got control over immigration, Wee Krankie would probably tell all  the mi..vaders  to come to Scotland just like Merkel did in Germany, look where that went!
13 hours ago
Wise head on old shoulders
This is why we need a “Hard Brexit!” We can get rid of this mealy-mouthed woman and her “Basket Case” economy.

Better solution: Let the Scots vote out of power the SNP forever.
13 hours ago
This is bad news..As most Englishmen, I was so looking forward to losing the Scottish Millstone round our neck.
13 hours ago
Sturgeon knows she wouldn’t win a second referendum on Scottish independence so now she’s just looking for a way out…..  The woman is full of crap as always and her Narcissistic Personality Disorder is getting worse – she never tires of trying to keep herself in the news every couple of weeks….
10 hours ago
If I looked as rough as she does I’d keep my head down.. Ugly bint.

13 hours ago
John bull
The Scots have free movement, saw a gap in Hadrian’s Wall, easy .
13 hours ago
Taking a second referendum of the table because she knows she hasn’t a hope in hell of winning. Now shut up and get on with TRYING to run your wee Scottish council.
13 hours ago
Givethe people of England a say on whether they want moaning Scotland or not———answer is —————correct

13 hours ago
Wee Krankie has finally realised she’s on a looser so she’s changing direction or so she says. Don’t be fooled nothing has changed in her agenda.

It’s about time though she concentrated on the day job where after a decade in government the SNP have not got one single item they can call a success, everything they do has got the label FAILURE.

Well there we go…..Remember all these Love letters we were getting before the Independence referendum? I wonder where they all went?


4 thoughts on “FEEL THE LOVE…Despicable Me and the Acolytes

  1. What a shower of ignorant people! You have either just believed the lies your fed or fabricating, it’s hard to believe that other scots would be so nasty and intolerant. To see us being dragged out the EU by a tory government so neglectful of it’s own people and the scoff and name call your own FM who is trying to do the best for us all. You should be ashamed for you abuse all the scots who voted for our SNP government and we would have had a majority had we not used a stupid voting system implemented by Labour to ensure there would be less chance of a majority.


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