On a yearly basis a Social Attitudes survey takes place in Scotland, and quite frequently the question is asked of Scots whether they perceive themselves to be Scottish or British?
The last time this particular question arose in March 2015, 63% of the respondents answered that they considered themselves Scottish as opposed to 31% who considered themselves to be British. This has seen an increase of 4% who considered themselves Scottish in December 2014, and a corresponding decrease of those who considered themselves to be British.
It will be interesting to see what the results are once this question is again asked.
Interestingly also is that the percentage who consider themselves Scottish corresponds with the same percentage which voted to Remain in the EU at the Brexit referendum of this year.
There has not been a study to compare Scottishness with likelihood to wish to remain in Europe, and Britishness to exit Europe, but it wouldn’t at all surprise me if there was a positive correlation in these attitudes.

So we may be in a position where the bigger a mess the UK government make of the Brexit negotiations and the harder a line they take over Brexit, the more likely it is to lead to Scottish attitudes getting disgusted that we are being ignored again! Which in turn is exceedingly likely to lead to Indyref2. It is not so much a question of if it will happen but when it will happen. It will happen!
It is the difference in Social attitude which is sending the Union supporters into an absolute frenzy.
I am quite sure that the majority of you will by now have realised that there has been a huge upsurge in negative news about Scotland on Social media, Mainstream media and the press, along with a constant negative narrative coming from the Unionist parties of Labour and the Torys banging on about why we should not be having another Independence referendum.
It has not gone unnoticed either that the zombie Scottish Office department which really has nothing to do in Scotland anymore have suddenly seen an increase in their spending by an amazing 20% in the past 5 years, with 15% increase last year alone.
Its press and communications section has had its expenditure doubled since 2013.
Nor has it gone unnoticed that it now calls itself the Scottish Government on its letterheads with its branding changed to ” The Uk government in Scotland”
In short what we are seeing is the continuation of a full scale propaganda war!

Every single day you will see or hear a negative story about Scotland, sometimes more than one. What you will rarely hear or see is a positive story, and if it is a positive story It will be either downplayed, found to be questionable in some sense, and have a list of the usual suspect politicians and so called Independent experts and commentators queuing up to be heard. Fairly often if there is a positive story it will not be covered at all.
A very recent example being that Brent oil had doubled in price up by 100% , and set to increase further after a fresh OPEC agreement. On that day, did it make the news? The answer is NO. What we had instead was both BBC Scotland and STV reporting that 16 oil supply companies had fallen during the slump, and there were concerns about the cost of decommissioning. Good news buried, bad news which was actually old news regurgitated as if it were new news.

While the Scottish populace had by in large begun to feel really positive about themselves in the lead up to the Independence referendum and its aftermath, and feel much happier with their Scottish Identity as born out by the Scottish Social attitudes survey, the more aggressive and frightened had become the British establishment.

And so we have a British establishment in full scale propaganda war footing, built up from its Better Together campaign and continuing onwards to put Scotland down and make Scots feel less Scottish and more British.
They operate in a round robin manner, each part feeding the next to spread their negativity and make people doubt!
From top to bottom in their incestuous relationships are… The British Government with its Scotland office, The Unionist parties of Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrats and increasingly having their bile spread on the media UKIP and Farage. They are followed or led by the press which amounts to over 90% of publications owned and run from England, and the TV media led by the BBC also controlled from London. Bringing up the rear are the new Social media groups led by Scotland in Union.

Given the control of news and opinion, it is remarkable that so many Scots totally refuse to buy their negativity, unfortunately there are still a considerable amount who do. I am not referring to the brainwashed red white and blue Queen and Country gang here, they are fully indoctrinated and will scream blue murder over Independence,and will not change their one brain cell to another way of thinking. I am rather speaking of those who take in what they read, see and hear from their long trusted Beeb and their paper of choice and are not Internet savvy. These are the ones who cannot be reached by social media, but require face to face engagement.

The one thing that really get up the Unionist Scots noses is being told that they are not Scots! They claim to be, yet will totally refuse to take their Union Jack glasses off, and when push comes to shove, will act against Scotlands Interests in favour of whatever the British establishment throws at us. So called Cybernats were quite rightly roundly criticised for calling doubters on Scottish Independence traitors and quislings during the Independence referendum. Those that were unsure or had their justifiable doubts at the time should not have been treated as such. When being bombarded all of their lives with Scotland is too poor, too weak and too stupid to survive without the union, who honestly could blame them? aggressively reacting to those was nothing but counter productive.

But those that I do find to be loathsome Scots are those in politics who are only thinking of their own selfish self interest. Those like Dugdale or Davidson or Rennie, these and their ilk are traitors to Scotland. In another time and era they would be called collaborators. They have nothing positive to say about Scotland and its people and are only interested in their own self promotion. Whenever last did you hear any of them when they were not putting Scotland down whilst claiming falsely they had our best interest at heart. Funny appreciation Davidson had when she compared Scots to thieves and rogues at the Tory conference.

So prepare yourself for a hell of a lot more griping from all those self interested loathsome Scots in the media, politics and the press and social media in the coming year. You aint seen nothing yet!



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