Not long after Nicola Sturgeon was interviewed today on BBC Radio Scotlands Good Morning Scotland program, there were howls of anguish among some Scottish Independence supporters after hearing her appear to suggest that Indyref2 would be taken off the table if there was a Soft Brexit.
Ochone ochone what a terrible thought, woe to us who have been shouting for another Independence referendum. We are being betrayed, sold down the river…..UDI now!
The shame of it….the SNP are only interested in power after all, they don’t care about us!  So on and so forth were heard the howls of outrage on Social media up and down the land. How could she? How dare she? We trusted her!

Shortly afterwards the BBC happily trumpeted on their website the following

Sturgeon suggests soft Brexit could take indyref off table in short term

Nicola Sturgeon says she is “willing to put aside my preferred option of independence in the EU” in favour of a soft Brexit

Nicola Sturgeon has suggested a soft Brexit would see the prospect of Scottish independence removed – in the short term.

Speaking on the BBC’s Good Morning Scotland programme, the first minister said she believed Scotland’s “direction of travel” was towards independence.

But she said this could be “put aside” in the short term as she seeks “consensus and compromise” over Brexit.

Opposition parties want Ms Sturgeon to rule out a second referendum.

Ms Sturgeon said she wanted the UK to retain membership of the European single market, the so-called soft Brexit option.

If the UK as a whole was to leave the market, she has set out terms on which Scotland could potentially stay in, but these would require new powers being devolved to Holyrood.

Voters in Scotland backed the UK staying in the EU by 62% to 38%.

Ms Sturgeon said she favoured Scotland remaining in the European Union as an independent country, and her government is currently consulting on a draft bill for a second independence referendum.

However, she acknowledged that “in terms of the timetable of Brexit” the prospect of Scottish independence could be taken off the table if a soft exit could be achieved.

‘Additional powers’

She said: “We want to try to work with others across the UK, across the political spectrum, to try to keep the UK in the single market.”

Ms Sturgeon said if that could not be done then her government had put forward a plan to UK ministers detailing how Scotland could retain membership of the single market, that includes devolving powers over areas including immigration and employment law to Holyrood.

She added: “I think there’s a lot of consensus starting to build around some of those additional powers, for example around immigration.

“We’ve put forward very detailed plans about how we avoid a hard Brexit and the reason it’s important to avoid a hard Brexit, let’s not forget, is because that will have a devastating impact on our economy and on jobs.

“So I’m in a sense willing to put aside my preferred option of independence in the EU to see if we can explore a consensus and compromise option.”

When pressed on the question of a second independence referendum being taken “off the table” in the event of a soft Brexit, Ms Sturgeon added: “In terms of the timescale of Brexit, that’s what I’ve been very clear about.

“Am I going to stop arguing for independence or believing in independence? Am I going to stop believing that Scotland is on a journey to independence?

“No, but we’re talking here about the particular context and timescale of Brexit – and I’m putting these proposals forward in good faith. I’m deliberately saying, ‘put my preferred option to one side’ and asking people if we can find a consensus and compromise option.”

So there we have it…..Indyref2 off the table for a considerable future if there is a Soft Brexit… access to the single market, immigration, freedom of movement etc

Not capitulation at all….but rather Check and very soon to be Check mate!
The likelihood of Theresa Mays government with all its raging loony Brexiteers of even giving in to the Scottish plan and giving Scotland control of immigration and its areas of fishing and farming along with other factors currently coming from the EU are as likely as Trump winning the title of Worlds most humble man…..totally zero!

By being seen to have endvoured to do the will of the majority of the Scottish people, by being seen to having come up with a plan to satisfy the majorities wishes, by being seen to be willing to compromise even her most ardent desires for Scottish Independence in order to give Scotland what it voted for in the EU referendum, she has kept her promise to do all she can and for everyone. How more reasonable can you expect her to be?
By doing all that….and still getting rebuffed because intransigent control freak May and her Brexiteers want none of it…. There is only one way for Scotland to go… Independence and check mate! Game over!



15 thoughts on “Howls of Anguish and Betrayal as Nicola Sturgeon hints at shelving Indyref2

  1. I never heard Nicola Sturgeon say once in this interview that Indy Ref was off the table?
    I heard the interviewer ask more than 10 times if Indyref is off the table.
    Also noticed BBC spelled her name wrong.
    Nicola Sturgeon: ” Am I going to stop arguing for Independence or stopping believing in Independence. Am I going to stop believing that Scotland is on a journey to Independence NO. But we are talking here in particular context and timescale of Brexit.”




  2. Nicola is playing a very, very canny game; always showing she is willing to go the extra mile, always putting the ball into her opponent`s` court at just the right speed and angle. Patience everyone , it`s coming……..


  3. Nicola is playing a blinder and straight into the hands if Ms T May. May will not concede to Sturgeon and a “Hard Brexit” will ensue. Giving Sturgeon the opportunity to say i warned you.

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  4. It’s hard for long term nationalists like myself to accept delay, but it looks as if Nicolla has May tied up in knots.


  5. Nicola’s offered something that if accepted will have english voters baying for May’s blood. May’s damned if she accepts or goes down as the PM that destroyed the union, Well played Nicola.


    1. I’ve spoken to some friends of MPs in Whitehall and it’s absolutely clear that if Scotland stayed in the EU with the rest of the UK out, Scotland would hit WTO tariffs on 62% of all it’s exports. The other 38% will still have the 8% added according to EU rules. 56% of the UK’s exports would be freed of that 8% and with sterling dropping so much it wipes out the hit of the WTO tariffs on the rest. Also the UK would pay ~£6Bn in tariffs, but the EU would pay ~£15Bn in tariffs to the UK. But Scotland would get none of that. Scotland would also have to cough up the membership fee for all of this (with no rebate). Why does Scotland want to stay in the EU? I can understand independence out of any union, but leave the UK and stay in EU? That’s just insane.


      1. They haven’t a bloomin clue about Brexit, that very much is clear…So why should they be believed? It is not as If we haven’t consistently been told porkies before by them…Goodness me, they even have to revise their projections every single year because they are consistently out.
        What we do know for absolute fact, is that whatever happens the EU operates by negotiation… and for that we will still have to wait to see what develops…. and right now everything is possible!
        I personally am ambivalent to EU membership, and considered that EFTA may have something to offer which may suit us best on Independence at the last referendum.
        But right now, I would rather take our chances entering into negotiations with the EU as an Independent country than carry on with a shipwrecked British Empire which only exists in the names of Honours titles.


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