The following from an Iain MacWhirter article in the Herald

CIVIL servants in the Scottish Office have reportedly been put to work preparing for the next independence referendum. If so, what should they be urged to do? Actually, not very much.

If Nicola Sturgeon is going to push the button on indyref 2 she should learn from the Brexiteers. They didn’t produce a 670-page White Paper, as the Scottish Government did in 2013, which raised more questions than it answered. They didn’t produce anything at all, just anecdotes about bent bananas and a droning dog whistle about immigration.

The Leave campaign demonstrated that it is possible to win a referendum without experts – as Michael Gove said, Britain has had enough of them. Indeed, they managed to win the EU referendum without having the foggiest idea of how Britain could leave the wealthiest and most comprehensive free trade zone on the planet, the European Single Market, and still, somehow, have free and unfettered access to it. Six months after the referendum, they still haven’t.

The next Yes campaign should play smart and remain studiously vague about life after independence. Until Brexit is resolved, no-one can possibly know anyway. It should not indulge in abstruse debate about whether Scotland should join the European Free Trade Area, the European Economic Area or the Customs Union. Just stick to the EU, or better still, “Europe”. The precise nature of Scotland’s relationship to the EU and the UK is a post-independence issue. The only thing that can be said with any certainty is that, whatever happens, there needn’t be a hard border with England, just as there isn’t going to be one between the Republic and Northern Ireland.

Nor should Yes 2 resort to monetary metaphysics that no-one will understand. Scottish pound, currency union, euro, bitcoin or whatever – it all depends on the circumstances that exist at the time, and these are imponderable. Sturgeon should just say she’ll ensure that there will be a currency.

I’m not saying that the Scottish Government should emulate the post-truth of the Brexiteers. Even the American Alt Right would have been ashamed of Leave’s red bus claim that the NHS would be £350m a week better off out of Europe. But it was largely irrelevant because no-one believes anyone’s statistics any more.

The lesson of Brexit is that independence is about sovereignty, first and last. You don’t have to dot all the i’s, just find a form of words, like “take back control”, which sums up the project and resonates with voters. Rather than a compendious White Paper, and lots of numbers, the Scottish Government should produce a short statement, more like the American Declaration of Independence, which was only around the length of this article. It should argue that it is self-evident that nations should run their own affairs.

The press will try to recycle the negatives from 2014, but most of them are redundant. No-one is going to claim, as Better Together did, that Scotland can only remain in the European Union by remaining in the UK. That now looks like a sick joke. Anyway, there isn’t going to be another Better Together. Labour will split, and the Tories alone will be leading the No 2 campaign (the LibDems are irrelevant). This is a much easier target for Nicola Sturgeon, one of the best political leaders in Europe.

Of course, people will say, as Theresa May did last week, that an independent Scotland would be “out of Europe”, and would have to “join the queue” as an EU Commission spokeswoman, Jacqueline Minor, put it. But this can safely be ignored. As Guy Verhofstadt, the European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator, said last year, it is blindingly obvious that Scotland will be allowed rapid passage into the EU. Given the behaviour of the Brexiteers, the 27 will welcome Scotland with open arms. It would, as Verhofstadt said, be “suicide” for Brussels to try to block Scotland.

Similarly, Scotland’s notional fiscal deficit needn’t be a decisive issue. Again, the Brexit campaign showed how to deal with Project Fear, which is to ignore it. They brushed aside Treasury and IFS forecasts that voters would be £4,300 a year worse off; that there would be a ballooning deficit, massive spending cuts. The truth is, no-one knows what the UK deficit will be when it is out of the single market and paying the Brussels divorce bill of up to £60bn.

There may be economic disturbance from Scotland leaving the UK, but it will be as nothing compared to the turbulence from the UK leaving the EU. All the cards are in the air now, and no-one knows where any of them will come down. All we know is that the most successful countries in the world are small, dynamic, social democratic – and part of the EU.

The Yessers need only point to the way the price of food and energy has rocketed since Brexit trashed the pound. Look at what else Scotland stands to lose: EU agricultural subsidies alone are worth £560m. If you add in the impact of trade tariffs, lost jobs, loss of tax-paying migrants, lost university research, Brexit could easily cost Scotland several billion a year in GDP. Stick that on a big red bus.

But there are much more important losses: EU citizenship above all, and the right to go and work and live in any country in the EU free from discrimination on grounds of nationality, with guaranteed working conditions. Then there’s the environment. The EU protections involve everything from beach bathing water to GM crops.

But the Yes 2 campaign should not try to re-fight the EU campaign. The next referendum will be about Little England, not Europe. If Scotland stays in the UK it will be hitching itself to a post-imperial Brexitania run by bandit capitalists who still think they’re living in the days of the British Empire.

After Brexit, the UK will be a different country: a centralised, right-wing, low-tax, low-regulation, Singapore of Europe. This is what Theresa May means by a “more competitive model”. It means the American model of Donald Trump. Scotland’s social model can only be preserved by sticking with the European version of regulated capitalism.

In 2014, Gordon Brown saved the day for Better Together by making a moral appeal to older Scots not to abandon the less well off in England. Don’t cut and run, he said. Work for a Labour government that will restore a caring, sharing Union for the good of all. Well, we know where that got us. And there isn’t going to be a Labour government for a very long time, perhaps never.

Scots have been the ragged-trousered philanthropists long enough. Scotland gave up its oil for the good of the UK, and a fat lot of good it did anyone. The hundreds of billions in oil revenues were used by Margaret Thatcher to destroy manufacturing and build the parasitical financial services economy of the southeast of England. The Yes campaign should not be afraid to use the language of historic injustice.

This is not an economic but an existential question for Scots: do they want to be in charge of their destiny, or are they content to leave it in the hands of Theresa May and Donald Trump and see their nation reduced to the status of a backward region – the UK equivalent of Belarus or East Germany. Scots have seen what happened after 2014, and it is a bitter lesson. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.


I was writing recently about the importance of brands,resistance to change, and much in the same vein I suppose I have to include blogs in that too.
Despite my best efforts to encourage folks to move over from my Auld Acquaintance blog to this one, very few have done so. So as part of my listening process, I have to come to the conclusion that folks prefer not change over.
Thus I have decided to return to my old blog for my independence writing, and use this one for poetry and music and such likes.
There you go… unlike the Torys, I do listen and respond accordingly.

Appeasement and Humpty Trumpty


Humpty Trumpty

Humpty Trumpty tried to build a big Wall
Humpty Trumpty had hands far too small
All the Queens Ministers and her No.10
Couldn’t join Trumpty back in his mums womb again

Rod Macfarlane


Who was really surprised to see May and Trump hand in hand?
Both have built up their stations on a xenophobic stance
Both with their barriers to keep refugees from their shores
And not a word said by May when Trump wanted torture once more

Britain First said May, with a Brexit of Red White and Blue
America First said Trump, but I will do business with you
My how good and how gracious and how kind Mr Trump
Lets sell more arms to despot dictators and give Peace the hump

We are both on the same page, and Mr Farage will agree
The Mail and The Express and the Sun are with me
Mr Trump said thats goody, that is great Its so great
But I will stick to my twitter because my medias some state

Now for climate denial, I have it all planned, enough of these windmills I really can’t stand.
Yes of course said Theresa, we’ve gone for nuclear too
Green Investment is passe,and for our financiers It wont do

Now perhaps you can help me dispose of our NHS
Its been a burden too long and our books such a mess
Of course said the Donald, make the peasants all pay
How good to have a Special friend. Do come visit said May.

Rod Macfarlane


Stick Yer Independence up Your Arse


Stick yer Independence up your arse

Aye, you can stick yer Independence up your arse.
Mary Doll and her Natszis are a bloody stupid farce
A cult withoot a clue, who are all touchy and insane
Independence? Don’t make me laugh, it frazzles up my brain

Whoever yet would believe such an utter pile of shite
They’re not right in the head, like farts which are set alight
They are all sheeple, they are not people
Baaa Baaa baaaing makes more sense
Scotland blooming usless Scotland
Be independent? Don’t be so bloomin dense

If Labour will not cut it, then the Torys will have to do
We don’t care about fairness or inequality, just the Red, White and the Blue
We don’t worry if our health is crap, the Natz will get the blame
With our sashes and super lager, we will praise Old Derrys Fame

Scotlands not a Country, it’s never been for many a year
Great Britain is my Country, and for the Union Jack I cheer
Me and my pals we know the score, King Billy is the Man
God Bless the Queen and all she does for us
We’ll cry No surrender to a man

In our Great and Glorious Empire, where the Pope will always die
We of the tribe of Orange Men, will all go marching by
Who cares if we have Austerity, In Good Queen Bess we trust
And we will go marching into oblivion before the Union turns to dust

Rod Macfarlane

There Will Always Be an England


There Will Always be an England

There will always be an England was the songs refrain
Wherever there’s a cottage small and a country lane
There will always be an England, a million marching feet
There will always be an England, while there’s a busy street

“Red, White and Blue, what does it mean to you”
“Britons Awake!, and the Empire too ”
There will always be an England, so sang Vera Lynn
But no longer there is an England, It’s a sad song now to sing

For poor England it exists no more, the country now is gone
For if Scotland is a region, then for England too so long
The Empire non existent, all crumbled into dust
Britain is the Country now, but It’s Greatness lost its crust

With the Great articles of Union now lost to another age
There is no England, Wales or Scotland but footprints on a page
We are all now citizens in the places of the regions that we live
Our flags they are but relics to the Jack we homage give

England has no parliament, and Scotland a mere assembly
There will always be an England, somewhere in your memory
But some keep to the Illusion and they swear by their St George
So look around tell me what you see when Westminsters greed does gorge

Rod Macfarlane

No….I have not lost my marbles!

The reasoning behind the above poem is because of the Supreme Court Ruling yesterday, where Scotland was reduced to no more than a Region of the UK.
They referred to Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland as regional assemblies.
So the Scottish Parliament along with Scotland was reduced to mere regional status, with no more say than the regions of Cumbria, or Yorkshire.
They absolutely debunked the Sewel Convention as not being Law, so therefore as a mere convention it only had a political purpose and not a legal one.
With Scotlands status reduced to such a degree, and thus the opinion of Scots too, the implication was that Westminster could do what it dam well pleased, even to the point of dissolving the Scottish parliament if so wished. So much for the valued and equal partner in the Union that we were told about at the time of the Independence referendum.
The Vow, the Scotland Acts, Devolution all revealed as being one great massive Con!
No ifs buts or maybes about it.. Devolution is power retained by Westminster, and devolution can be equally taken away by Westminster.
It was claimed at the time of the Independence Referendum by a paper produced by the British Government that Scotland had ceased to be as a country at the time of Union, and was subsumed by England in creating the UK parliament. By the Law Lords ruling yesterday, that unpleasant truth is revealed.
My argument being that Scotland was not subsumed and could not be so as long as we retained our own Law,which we have done. The Supreme Court set up by the Labour government is proving to be a Trojan Horse though.
I do not accept that Scotland is a mere region, but if it were to be, my argument would be that at the time of Union both Scotland and England ceased to exist, and thus the thrust of my poem…. Lets see how our Unionist friends like that idea!

Friends No More


Friends no more

I am sorry, but we can’t be friends anymore
Although ours was once a friendship I adored
for many years we had good times, played some music and drank some wine
Arms linked in arms we would laugh many times
But I am sorry we can’t be friends anymore

Although kindness, goodness, In you I’d see
Even should we sometimes find we disagreed
There always was a you and me
but now we can’t be friends anymore

For you hid well your racist views,with not a word would you abuse
And you hid well your bigotry, It was so well hidden I didn’t see
But in Social media it’s all come to light
I see what you say, and what you write
It is so wrong in what you delight
that we can not be friends anymore

You view friends we both share as foreigners
Not a word to them, but on their likes you curse
Xenophobic garbage you will share
And of your bitterness I must despair
I could lay the blame on the English press
and the British media for such a mess
As the Government spreads its fear en masse
On the basest sectarianism it plays alas

And so it seems you share their views
The Fascist blackshirts have a friend in you
And when you cast vitriol on Scottish liberty
When you deny our right to be set free
Then at least I know where you really stand
And i withdraw my friendship, and withdraw my hand

And with regret, we can’t be friends anymore

Rod Macfarlane

The Abstainers


The Abstainers

When Jeremy Corbyn came to Glasgow he said he was on a mission
With Labour lost their nom de guerre he had found a new ambition

With a 3 line whip he’d help remove us all from being European
With another one support nuclear arms but a Tory he wasn’t being

He got out his pad and he made some notes, he was the modern day Che Guevara
The Glaswegians merely stopped and stared, thinking he was more like Jenny Marra

He told them all that he would stand and fight, and Independence meant austerity
Had he lost his marbles on the London flight, talking out of his posterity?

For he’s the Great JC, why can’t people see? He is the new messiah
With foodbanks of bread and fishes, and all the milk and honey they can desire

When his future generations come, from yet another brand new labour
They will reflect on his great accomplishments, and they will surely savour

A quick flight back and he’d get home, leaving Scotland to his proclaimers
Now theres a thought, He’d form a band and call it the Abstainers

Rod Macfarlane

The Brand


When Marathon Bars were rebranded to become Snickers, I never ate another bar.
I really enjoyed Marathon bars as a kid, yet when they were rebranded I wouldn’t eat the replacement Snickers bar. What was my reason? I didn’t like the name. It may have been exactly the same bar of chocolate as I had and enjoyed before, all that had changed was the name, but that to my childhood mind was reason enough not to buy it.
It didn’t matter a jot that it was exactly the same chocolate, and I am sure I would have enjoyed it just as much if I had eaten one. Yet here I am more than 26 years later and a Snickers bar still has never passed my lips.

That is what is known as brand loyalty, and brands are highly important things in the advertising world, and a heap of money is thrown into advertising when introducing and/or changing a brand.
Brands have psychological attachments to them and are hugely important to us. We emotionally attach to brands, and over time well loved brands carry memories which we invest in them. Brands are symbolic, and symbols are powerful messages to us, and we react quicker to them than the written or oral word, hence why you have road signs.
When you are looking at adverts, you take in the symbols much more quickly than anything else you see or hear.

Changing a brand is a huge thing to do, and requires a heck of a lot of thinking and planning to be able to successfully do without losing your customers. Any change has to be done gradually and not suddenly, as people are extremely resistant to sudden change. Indeed people are naturally wary of any change at all. People like surety and continuity and view change as a potential threat which they have to adapt to.
If you are going to affect change, it is best to do so in small increments so people don’t really notice the change going on round about them,and naturally react and adjust to it.

Why am I banging on about Brands, Symbols and Change? Quite simply to try and demonstrate the extreme difficulty in changing peoples minds away from the UK towards an Independent Scotland. Have you found that some people appear to accept the arguments why Independence should be the right option for them, and then when you think you might be getting through to them you are suddenly hit with a brick wall and they shake their heads and say no. They may even tell you that they appreciate what you are saying and understand that your argument is sound, but they come out with something like ” my heart says yes but my mind says no” They know you are talking sense, but can’t force themselves to take a chance or make the change.

What is that all about? well attachment to the brand and what it stands for in their minds is paramount. Some would digest rat poison if it carried the brand name.
When you go to the shops, what do you buy? Many people will fill their baskets full of brand items and nothing else. They trust the brand names. Yet many brands are also sold under supermarket labels at cheaper prices. The same product just branded differently. Some people even if they knew that the supermarket product was really their favourite brand still wouldn’t buy it, and they would buy the dearer brand label instead.

This is one of the greatest obstacles that the Independence movement faces, particularly with the older generations who have grown up from childhood with the British brand. Do you remember the old adverts telling you to buy British because the goods were trusted?
It is this branding and its imprinting from childhood in your brain which gives so many otherwise rational people an almost unshakable attachment to the Union flag and all things British. They are brainwashed.
Take the sudden upsurge of tv programmes over the past few years which have the word “British” or “Britain”  in them, they are suddenly everywhere you look… Great British Bake off, Britains got talent, Great British conker rolling..ok I made that one up, but you get my drift. British everywhere you look, and never in a negative connotation.
Scottishness on the other hand is treated somewhat differently, for decades and generations if Scotland or anything to do with Scotland was mentioned, more often than not it was in a negative sense or for poking fun at. Take for instance tv crime dramas….any time that one of these had a random Scot in it, I would know instinctively who the culprit was going to be, I didn’t need to watch the plot at all. If Scots weren’t the baddies they were the clowns and idiots. So Britishness was good, Scottishness not good.

The same applies to the Union flag branding. In recent years from Royal occasions through 2 Olympics, Great War Celebrations etc we have been absolutely bombarded by Union flags at every turn. The Union flag representing cause for celebration and success.
The Saltire on the other hand is treated entirely differently, it has been refused to be flown or projected by the British establishment and Unionist supporting local councils on a number of occasions. The Red Arrows often do their displays using the red, white and blue of the Union flag, but not so long ago they were asked to mark an occasion with the blue and white of the Saltire, and the request was flatly turned down!
A couple of major supermarkets removed the Saltire from Scottish product packaging and replaced them with Union flags.
Yet conversely when it suits British/English companies and partys, in Scotland they will endeavour to assimilate and add Scottish in front of their names… The Scottish Daily Mail, The Scottish Sun, The Scottish Labour Party. None of them run from Scotland but from England, and that ultimately where their branch offices up here take their instructions from.

All of this brain washing has been going on from the days of Culloden, so it is absolutely no wonder that it can be so difficult to change some peoples minds.

On the much more positive side….ever since the start of the Indyref campaign, Scots have more and more become happier within themselves and more positive about Scotland and being Scots.

As much as anything else, our battle for Independence is a battle of Identity and turning round ingrained mindsets takes time. We have come a long long way to rectifying that since 2012, but we still have a bit to go yet. And we will meet ever stiffer resistance along the way from the British establishment. We cannot expect fairness or an even playing field, and there is no lie that they will not tell, nor dirty trick they will not play in order to hold their possession of us in the Union. We just need to battle harder against them. We need to get to the older generations not on the internet but face to face…. To borrow from Christianity…we have to become missionarys and evangelists to our own people to get them to believe in Independence ( I know that such expression will be an athema to some people but in the most basic sense they simply mean getting the message out and persuading others who are not convinced to come round to your side) …and that starts right now! We do not have long before we are thrown headlong into another Independence campaign…and this one we MUST win!
We can chat among ourselves and convince like minded souls that we are right, we can spend hours on twitter and Independence facebook sites, but we are convincing nobody by doing that.

when I go around the country I still see many old Yes signs in the most unusual places and it always brings a smile to my face.
So lets fill Scotland from the Highlands to the Borders with Saltires everywhere, and on our cars.
The Saltire is Our Brand…. Fly it with Pride!

Snickers or Marathon are a product which contains nuts and can be deadly for those alergic to nuts.
Much like the Union flag and Britishness can be deadly to Scots


Theresa May Recruits


Theresa May has just become the Scottish National Partys’ most effective Recruiting Sergeant, ably supported by her Scots Corporals, Davidson,Dugdale and Rennie.

I should know, because for years I have resisted joining the SNP or any political party, yet in the space of 45minutes yesterday Theresa May broke down my stubborn resistance and I succumbed and joined the SNP.

I am not a party animal, although in the past I did dip my toes into that particular pool and was the chair of a local party branch, and was asked to stand for election by Alex Salmond and refused.
I just am not at all keen on the types of infighting that can go on in any party or organisation , so I have tended tended to steer well clear, and plough my own furrow.
I am also a stubborn sort, and once I firmly set my mind on something, I am almost impossible to shift.
I am also an individual who will not tow a party line just because it happens to be party policy, I will make up my own mind on things, and I will disagree with what I feel is wrong, party policy or not.
So as you can see, I am no blind follower of any party or doctrine. The very sort who will not willingly be pinned down by party membership. Yet, Theresa May managed in short order in jig time yesterday to commit myself otherwise.

What she came out with yesterday horrified me, and it left me with no option but to make myself active in party politics to stand up against what she stands for, and resist her and her implanted anti Scots Brit Nat followers who do not have Scotlands best interests at heart, but who will turn their coats against us.

As if the Torys had not done enough already against the poorest and less able in society, supported at various stages by the abstentions of the Labour party, what May indicated yesterday was that they were to be punished further.
By threatening Europe with a UK which will turn into an offshore low corporate tax haven with low wages. By indicating the withdrawal from the European Court of Justice and European Laws which can and will gradually be changed such as the Convention on Human Rights, Workers Rights and every other law that gets in the way of the Rich getting richer. .  Her threats to Europe were in effect a threat against us all who live in this Island.
The isolationism she and her kind stand for cannot be countenanced.
Her talk of being first in the queue with Corporate loving Donald Trumps America signals a Transatlantic Trade Partnership which would see Corporations riding roughshod over democracy and the annihilation of the NHS.

When Theresa May speaks of the 3 devolved administrations she refuses to acknowledge that there are different countries in the UK, England is never mentioned,why would it be when her likes see England as being synonymous with Britain. When she speaks of a British Brexit she means an English Brexit.
When she speaks of Country instead of State, she refuses to acknowledge Scotland as a country in its own right, instead it is a region in her eyes.
when she says that the British people voted out, she refuses to acknowledge that Scots voted otherwise.
when she speaks of Global Britain, she really means Isolationist Britain. Britain already has traded globally, our exports reach all corners of the world today.
When she talks of freedom to take back control and self determination, she refuses to countenance these things for Scotland.
when no longer can you go abroad without paying a hefty cost, blame it on her.
when goods get more expensive and jobs go as investment dries up, blame it on her.
when she and her party finally run the NHS into the ground, blame it on her.
when no longer can Scotland afford basic Social services because our reimbursement grant through the Barnett formula fades to nothing…blame it on her!

When Ruth Davidson, Kezia Dugdale and Willie Rennie all canvassed heavily against us leaving Europe and the Single market, they were right! They all warned how devastating such action would be.
Yet now… They have all turned their backs on Scotland, and are happy to see us all be irrevocably damaged by what we are about to see. They are nothing more than toadies and servants of Thersa May and all the British Torys.
Corbyn may try to bring outmoded Labour values back, but he is a weak leader, and his own MPs are behind him cheering on the Torys.
Theresa May effectively turned the Conservatives into UKIP yesterday.

I am not scare mongering here….this is the impact that her road will lead us to.
we have no option left…we must stand up and fight and be counted now.
Once the poorest in our society have been bled dry and dying, our middle class will be next, until only the very richest who are the parasites are left.

I cannot sit back, sniping from the back seats anymore….thus I have joined with the SNP.

Fuck off Scotland and do as you are told!

Sorry for the Industrial language in the title!
Quite simply that is as blunt as I could possibly make the overall contents of todays speech by Theresa May.

She reduced Scotland and the people of Scotland from Nationhood and Sovereign people to being a region of the UK with Scots as mere vassals of that State.
Not only that, but because of that, Scots are no longer equal partners in the UK but are merely there as irritating citizens of the State whose views are immaterial in the greater scheme of things.

Many of us had already twigged the road which May and her Tory government intended to take us down, so it was absolutely no surprise whatsoever when Brexit turned into a hard Brexit.. but not just a hard Brexit but the Hardest of all Brexits, amounting to pulling up the drawbridge of the castle and repelling all boarders.

I listened with great care to what she was saying, and when one cut through the waffle of the first few minutes of her speech, which was reminiscent of a posh female Trump mingled with a sober Nigel Farage, where she went into a mantra of we will make Britain Great again, We will take back control.

She launched into her main points…

Firstly: Of foremost priority to her was the preservation of the UK Union. What she meant by that was to become clearer as she went on.
She then launched into a theme which she repeated continuously throughout her speech, time and time again. That of Britain being a Global Britain and a Great trading nation.

She said that she wanted the Eu to succeed, and almost in the next breath said that is why we are leaving! Great stuff…our leaving the EU can only be of benefit to them.

She said that her main principle was to retain parliamentary sovereignty, which is all well and good for our English neighbours. Parliamentary Sovereignty is an English concept not a Scottish one, where Scots themselves are sovereign. So in effect she was reiterating the nonsense that by her understanding Scots were not in themselves sovereign but vassals of the English Crown.

She referred to the majority of British votes being for removal from the EU, but nowhere do I ever recall that vote also meant removal from the Single Market, or the Customs Union. Nor was there even a hint of recognition that those in that Country which is supposedly an equal partner in the UK voted by a majority to remain in the EU.
Her idea of consultation with the Scottish government to reflect the majority of Scottish views is to have no consultation at all.

As part of her pitch she said that the vote to remove the UK from the EU meant it was a vote to retain parliamentary democracy and one of self determination.
Unless I have been living in an alternative universe for the best part of the last 60 years, I am quite convinced that we have always had parliamentary democracy whether inside the Eu or not. Unless of course we have never had General elections in my lifetime and I dreamed it all. I have never seen the EU ever threatening making us remove parliamentary democracy. Although Theresa May seems to be hell bent on overthrowing parliamentary democracy by becoming some sort of dictator.

As for Self determination? Is this not rather hypocritical of her, given that she is absolutely determined to deny Scottish self determination? what is good for one removal from Union is not good for another?

She reiterated that she wants shot of all EU Law, interwoven as it is in Scots Law, and wants to replace it gradually by parliament decisions… Oh she says that she will protect workers rights etc.. Do you believe her? I don’t!
Already we know that she wants rid of European Human Rights…she doesn’t like how ordinary people are protected from the worst of whatever excesses she has in mind for ordinary people.

She says that she wants shot of the European Court of Justice influence over our Laws..In which case she wont mind getting rid of the Supreme Court, as it is only in place because of the application of European laws in the Independent Laws of the countries of the UK.

She stipulates  that foreign affairs is the domain of Westminster, which of course they are under the Union.
That also hints that she will endeavour to block any of the Devolved Countries leaders talking to foreign leaders in future… No more gallivanting to Europe Ms Sturgeon.

Despite hoisting the barricades up to keep Johnny foreigner out of the UK, other than those who are really Intelligent and powerful, she stipulated that she wants to keep the border open between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and to retain the Common travel area there, but with some sort of immigration controls… So if that is the case she cannot have her cake and eat it over a border with an Independent Scotland should Scots become Independent in future.

She clearly said that she doesn’t intend the UK staying in the Single Market, nor the Customs Union, nor even the sort of agreement that Norway has in the EFTA or Switzerland in the EEA ….She wants no part of Europe in any shape or form. But still wants free trade, without in any way contributing to make that work. Apart that is for the likes of Nissan Cars and the City of London, who can have their own special deals.

She wants the ending of freedom of Movement…which means of course people, that your foreign holidays are going to be Kyboshed. It is going to be much much harder and much much more costly for you.

She trumpeted that Britain now was at the front of the queue with Trumps America. Talk about a terrifying idea!  The TTP…Transatlantic Trade Partnership which has been bombed out by Europe will now come here instead… Which among everything else will mean American Companies buying up the NHS, and not a dam thing we can do about it.
Now you know why Englands NHS is being run into the ground! Get your Medical Insurance here folks ….and if you are too poor …you die!
Scots already know enough about how Trump conducts business….and I would hazard an educated guess that most Scots want no part of it!

She concluded reiterating for the umpteenth time that we would have a stronger, fairer, global Britain… Well I know Tory idea of fairness and I sure dont want any of it. As for Global..we already trade with the World, some of Scotlands biggest exports are to America and the Far East, and there are no problems… So she is talking bunkum..what she means is something entirely different…The Rich will get richer in her Britain, and the Poor will be reduced to Slavery. The Old, the Ill, the Infirm will be dumped on the waste heap. And We shall have no foreigners here.

We will not be kept updated on negotiations…so we will be blind to what they are up to.

The threat was then made to Europe… Unless Europe agrees to Her demands there will be a trade war, and Britain will be turned into an Offshore state and low waged economy…
She mentioned the Intelligence Community a number of times…and that sounds like war to me.. Counter espionage etc with Europe.

Finally she finished off by saying that Losers have to respect the Brexit outcome and we need to come together as a Country. The UK is not a country it is a State made up of Countries… and we in Scotland are a founding Country of the UK… but not for much longer i think.

Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish government pulled back from an Independence referendum over withdrawal from the EU, and reduced the terms and conditions to the Single Market, that too has now been withdrawn..

There is no way to go now… If Nicola sturgeon and the Scottish government were not bluffing, and I know they were not… I fully expect the announcement of Indyref2 in due course..